Bitcoin price boost coincides with yuan weakening as Chinese investors suffer from strict capital controls.

Money 20/20: Announces Rights Offering Including Blockchain Shares on t0 Platform

Speaking at the Money 20/20 conference on Tuesday, Overstock’s communications director, Judd Bagley, announced the company will commence trades on its blockchain platform this December.

Money 20/20: BitPay Announces Copay Bitcoin Wallet Integration Based on Intel Technologies

US-based bitcoin payment service provider has partnered with Intel to offer a new solution that will help BitPay to ensure the safety of its virtual wallets.

​Commonwealth Bank and Wells Fargo Сlaim the World’s First International Trade Using Blockchain Tech

The first blockchain-based transaction to ship cotton to China from the United States has taken place between banks.

R3’s Banking Blockchain Platform Corda to Be Open-Source

R3 CEV has created its blockchain-based platform Corda specially for financial sphere.

Stripe Unveils Radar to Detect E-Commerce Fraud Behavior

Radar is Stripe’s fraud detection service that is now available for customers including international ones.

Smart Contracts Company Symbiont Releases Enterprise-Ready Distributed Ledger

The distributed ledger, called Assembly, is the first one that can be used in institutional finance.

Apple CEO Tim Cook Wants to Kill Cash with Apple Pay Because ‘Consumers Don’t Like It’

Tim Cook has revealed many future plans for Asia, intention to capitalize on artificial intelligence and desire to create a cashless society during a recent interview.

Ecobee Launches New ecobee3 Lite HomeKit Thermostat

Canadian smart thermostat provider has launched a more affordable version of its ecobee3 thermostat that will still offer most of its main features.

How Quantum Computers Can Affect Bitcoin

Computer scientists predict that the appearance of quantum computers can result in bitcoin’s demise.

ICICI Bank and Emirates NBD Conduct India’s First Banking Transactions on Blockchain

ICICI Bank concludes that blockchain enables almost instant transactions that take several minutes.