The power of money and its influence has reached a critical point where it is now influencing what freethinkers are saying.

Content creators and free thinkers are being stymied by the power of their backer and free thought is dying with it. This is why the Commodity Ad Network is looking to build a decentralized ad network on the Ethereum Blockchain to keep alternative content creators going.

A Need for the Alternative Creators

With the power of influencers and free thinkers making a splash in the corporate world, there has been a monopoly on information by companies, and even governments.

This has led to the internet and the freedom of information being caged and contained as funders of these thinkers are happy to withdraw their money if what is being said is out of line with their manifesto.

This has led to the Commodity Ad Network looking to build a meeting place for niche content creators, or alternative content creators, to meet with niche advertisers who are willing to use the power of digital currency and Blockchain technology to keep freethinkers funded.

Decentralized Payment to Help Keep Free Thinking Decentral

The Commodity Ad Network has identified the true decentralized nature of digital currencies as a tool to make payment, or money, an even stronger force than the usual revenue stream that content creators are used to.

They believe that by creating a network of advertisers that are acting in a decentralised nature – that is, not beholden to any agenda, they can then use a decentralized currency to essentially keep alternative content creators decentralized in themselves.

It is a strategy that is geared around keeping freethinkers free, while still getting them paid to express their alternative content.

The power of the Blockchain and the digital currencies that come from it allow for advertisers and creators to make efficient, trustless and transparent payments to fund this undercurrent of alternative content.

The Survival of the Alternative Creators

The Commodity Ad Network is working towards firstly keeping the movement of steadfast content creators going, those who cannot be bought or influenced. They believe that if they can link up advertisers with content creators, the movement will survive the attack of the centralised, established monopoly of information.

From there the hope is to expand to a video platform, a social media platform, and a search engine. In their research they have found that even things like Google are not safe from the clutches of information manipulators.

The Power of Digital Money

Operating in a space that is off the mainstream and sometimes controversial, The Commodity Ad Network hopes that their CDX token will be the unhindered vehicle to the success of alternative content creators.

By funding these free thinkers in digital currencies, they are not only breaking the information hegemony that hangs over them, but also the monetary laws that slow processes down – such as cross border payments and bank controls.

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