2019 Singapore Fintech Festival Will Be Held Soon

Place/Date: Singapore - November 9th, 2019 at 3:47 pm UTC · 4 min read
Source: BitTok

From the birth of Bitcoin in 2008 to the rising popularity of Ethereum in 2014 until now, the concept and practice of blockchain and digital assets have become more and more popular.

The blockchain is called as a machine that transfers trust and value, combining financial technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data on driving the global economic transformation from the era of information into the era of internet value. In this era, asset chaining, traditional asset migration, and equity chaining have become the trend of the times. Accordingly, global digital asset trading has become a new generation of the billion-dollar market.

From 11th to 13th November, the 2019 Singapore Fintech Festival will be held in the Expo Convention and Exhibition Center in Singapore. The conference, hosted by the Singapore Financial Supervisory Authority and co-organized by the Singapore Banking Association, is expected to reach more than 40,000 participants and will be the largest industry event in Singapore as of 2019. The summit will focus on cutting-edge topics such as blockchain and other financial technology clusters to empower the financial industry and promote the migration of traditional financial industries.

An enormous amount of well-qualified projects, enterprises, and personage in the fintech field will attend the conference and focus on discussing the future of fintech. Among them, BitTok (bittok.io) is a global digital asset trading ecosystem based in Singapore that will be presented as a star project during the conference and has set up its very own exhibition booth.

BitTok is in line with the trend from time to time, enabling financial technology + financial trading industry, committed on providing intelligent, secure, reliable, convenient, professional trading space, and digital asset trading services for global digital assets, based on a large global user node. Thus, creating an efficient, transparent, fair, and win-win global ecosystem of digital asset trading.

Singapore has always been a financial centre in Southeast Asia and one of the most important financial centres in the world. With the rapid development of digital assets, Singapore has gradually evolved into an Asian digital asset centre based on Singapore’s open policy environment and high innovation as well as entrepreneurial atmosphere. However, the transparency of digital assets remains incompatible and there are pain points from the investor perspective.

During the summit, BitTok and a number of guests will use the current industrial pain points as a starting point to jointly explore solutions to improve the digital asset trading industry, promote market price discovery, function development, measure and evaluate systemic and non-systematic risks in order to promote Singapore’s progress as an international, high quality digital asset financial center that is closely related to every investor.

Thanks to its excellent service system, BitTok has community user nodes all over the world. Brings together digital asset enthusiasts and believers from all over the world. In terms of trading, BitTok supports dozens of trading pairs based on security, simplicity and ease of use. Mainstream currencies such as BTC, ETH and EOS will also be included.

Besides, BitTok is also committed on helping users to achieve value creation. The launching of mine pool and value-added plans have also been widely accepted by users all over the world and in the future, BitTok will also introduce more value-added plans.

In 2020, BitTok’s financial product system will be more perfect. Gradually support Binance, HUOBI, OKex and other mainstream exchange interfaces, users will be able to automatically obtain position data, 24-hour trading, free operation, two-way trading and other functions in BitTok.

At the same time, BitTok will also develop the market information section, allowing users to view the latest data of the global mainstream exchanges, real-time updates on the price of major currencies, and the transmission of information and information value. Through the creation of a complete trading ecosystem, users can complete the complete cycle management of discovery-experience-sharing.

At Singapore Fintech Festival, BitTok will also showcase ecological services, product development, technology development progress, and development planning for all participants. Taking this as an important timing node, BitTok will achieve higher achievements in the future and promote the process of value transfer and value innovation in the global blockchain application.