5 Reasons Big Eyes Coin Is the Best Meme Coin to Buy Now 

Place/Date: - September 23rd, 2022 at 2:43 pm UTC · 4 min read
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Every experienced crypto market player will attest to the importance of having at least one meme coin in your portfolio. The reputation that precedes them in terms of use cases doesn’t reflect their price history in the coin market. The early generation of meme coins had no defined use cases, but made crypto millionaires.

New meme coins like Big eyes and Tamadoge are entering the market with defined use cases and utility. They are likely to experience unprecedented price surges like existing top meme coins. Hence, crypto enthusiasts looking to add a meme coin to their portfolio have a long list of crypto assets to consider. However, this article reveals why Big Eyes may be the best choice.

5 Reasons Big Eyes Coin Is the Best Meme Coin to Buy Now 

  • It is a new Generation Meme Token 

Crypto enthusiasts now consider beyond mere hype and price predictions before adopting projects. Use cases, real-life applications, as well as project span, are amongst the factors being considered now. Thus, it will be hard for old meme coins with no use cases to experience significant progress with this market dynamics.

Most of the old meme coins are mere imitations of successful ones like DOGE and SHIBA. Majority of them are now redundant with no sign of progress. New generation meme tokens understand the current market dynamics and are developed to achieve market success under these conditions.

Big eyes (BIG) has shown more prospects and had more impact since the beginning of its presale than any other new meme project. It has raised over $2 million, boasts numerous charity interventions, and it is building a strong community of committed members, incentivizing them with giveaways. These efforts increase Big Eyes’ chance at success, making it a great meme token to buy now.

  • Uniqueness

Big eyes maintain uniqueness with its cat-theme approach proving that it will be a different coin from what the market has seen before. The cryptocurrency’s DeFi-related application is a unique utility many of the existing and newly launched meme tokens can’t boast. The DeFi space has also been tipped to boom in the coming months. This will surely affect Big eyes positively, giving it an edge over competitors.

Safety and Security

The crypto space has been plagued with cyber crimes, rugging, and other sabotage in recent times, causing rise in   skepticism about newly launched projects. While some of the new crypto projects may be a sham for a potential scam, Big eyes isn’t.

The crypto project went through necessary security audits and was declared 100% secured. Beyond that, the developing team is verified by CoinSniper, eliminating any risk of rugging. It is safer and more secure than most meme projects.

Charity Intervention

Big eyes have donated over $1000 to Luna Children, an initiative that trains and supports people working with traumatized children. They have plans for educational charities and have been actively involved in Ocean saving efforts.

This means that purchasing the Big eyes meme token could be your way of contributing to the betterment of your environment or the world at large.

The meme project is one of the few new ones concerned with making the world better than they met it.

Strong Community-backing

We can’t overestimate the importance of community backing and developers’ commitment to a project’s success. They ensure continuous growth of the project. Big eyes will leverage this factor to avoid  ending up like one of the previously launched short-live meme coins.

5 Reasons Big Eyes Coin Is the Best Meme Coin to Buy Now 

The project’s team has various incentive mechanisms to ensure continuous community support and activeness. This includes periodic giveaways, contests, and airdrops in the community, especially on Twitter.

These reasons make Big eyes (BIG) the best meme token to buy now. You may want to join the presale now, as the presale price is set to increase by 25% during the third presale phase.

More information on Big Eyes Coin: Website, Telegram, Twitter.

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