AI-Based Meme Generation Token AiDoge Hits $9 Million Fundraising Milestone: Why Is Everybody so Excited?

Place/Date: - May 19th, 2023 at 10:16 am UTC · 5 min read
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AI-Based Meme Generation Token AiDoge Hits $9 Million Fundraising Milestone: Why Is Everybody so Excited?

The presale for the AI-based meme generation token, AiDoge, recently crossed the $9 million fundraising milestone as investors quickly rush to the project that’s combining two of the hottest industry trends; memes and artificial intelligence.

AiDoge is a revolutionary ai-powered meme generation platform that lets anybody come and generate a ready-to-publish meme in a matter of seconds without any previous artistic experience. In addition, the project provides real-world value through its memes, and the token has a wide range of utility through its credit-purchase system. As a result, investors are expecting huge returns from this project once it finally launches and hits tier-1 exchanges.

AiDoge Surges beyond $9 Million Fundraising Milestone

AI-Based Meme Generation Token AiDoge Hits $9 Million Fundraising Milestone: Why Is Everybody so Excited?

The presale for AiDoge recently crossed the $9 million milestone in fundraising as investors pile in to purchase $AI, the native token that will drive the entire ecosystem. AiDoge describes itself as the greatest meme generation platform on the internet and is actually the first cryptocurrency project that uses artificial intelligence for the specific goal of creating memes.

With generative AI expected to reach $51 billion by 2028, AiDoge wants to position itself at the forefront of the industry by offering an innovative meme generation solution that leverages advanced AI technology through user-friendly prompts and a token-based credit system.

By combining two of the industry’s hottest trends, AI and memes, AiDoge wants to enable users to harness the power of AI technology to create topical and timely memes to receive rewards.

AI-Based Meme Generation Token AiDoge Hits $9 Million Fundraising Milestone: Why Is Everybody so Excited?

The AiDoge platform boasts a user-friendly interface where memes can be generated through simply text-based prompts. These are short descriptions written by the user to inform the AI about the specific type of meme that needs to be created. The AI will use this description to generate a ready-to-publish meme that can spread across the internet like wildfire in a matter of seconds.

The best part about AiDoge’s artificial intelligence is that it’s been trained on an extensive dataset of memes and crypto news, meaning it knows exactly the type of memes its audience intends to create. In fact, the more AiDoge is used, the more powerful it becomes. This is because it’s constantly learning from new information and user inputs, and the team is also regularly updating the algorithm with new memes and crypto news.

Birthing a New GameFi Concept: Meme-to-Earn

AiDoge is focused on creating a community-driven approach that incentives users to create memes through rewards, giving birth to an entirely new GameFi concept known as meme-to-earn.

Once a meme has been generated, it’s sent straight to the Public Wall, which is a virtual shared space where users can upvote and downvote memes created by others. The public wall is designed to force users to think outside the box and use artificial intelligence to its fullest potential. Memes that are regularly upvoted to the top of the Public Wall each month are rewarded in $AI tokens, providing an incentive for users to engage with the platform. As the AiDoge community grows, so will the monthly rewards provided to top creators on the platform.

The Public Wall includes filters and sorting options, allowing users to browse memes based on criteria like:

  • Popularity
  • Recency
  • Specific themes

$Ai holders can also stake their assets on the platform, providing them with a regular yield and granting them exclusive access to new features related to meme generation. It also provides them with the right to participate in governance votes, helping them to shape the future direction of the platform.

Presale Continues to Soar: Buy Now before Price Hikes

The project is currently hosting a presale for its native token, $Ai. The presale is currently in the 13th stage, selling the token for a price of $0.0000308. However, the presale utilizes a rising pricing strategy, meaning that the cost of the token will increase during each subsequent presale stage. So, for example, once the fundraising crosses the $9.23 million milestone, the fourteenth stage will commence, and the price for the token will increase to $0.0000312.

As a result, those investing in the earlier stages of the presale stand to benefit the most as they leave the fundraising with higher unrealized gains.

The best part about the native token is that it has a utility that spans far beyond a basic rewarding system. For example, users on the platform that wish to mint new memes must purchase credits to get started. The credits are purchased from the store, and users must spend their $Ai tokens to buy them. As a result, the demand for the token will increase as more users rush to the platform to create new memes, helping to secure ongoing development and sustainability.

Overall, AiDoge has created a groundbreaking meme-to-earn ecosystem that leverages advanced artificial intelligence and combines two of the industry’s hottest trends, making it the next moonshot token you don’t want to miss out on.

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