New Multi Blockchain Meme Coin Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) Raises $1M in Token Presale

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New Multi Blockchain Meme Coin Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) Raises $1M in Token Presale
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Base Dawgz has a clear-cut roadmap that defines its future plans, providing investors with insights about its potential. 

Base Dawgz is a new meme coin that has made a stunning entry into the market following the commencement of its token presale, already raising over $1 million since May 30.

While it draws inspiration directly from the popular Dogecoin and Shiba Inu lore, Base Dawgz also comes with an interoperability attribute, giving it exposure across multiple chains.

Base Dawgz has a total supply of 8,453,000,000 DAWGZ, out of which 1,690,600,000 representing 20% has been allocated to its token presale. With that, the project is providing more than enough opportunity for those willing to benefit from its future prospects.

What Is Base Dawgz?

Base Dawgz is a new multi-chain meme coin that has been turning the storm since making its way into the crypto town. It was originally built on Base but has now transitioned to Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche through the help of Portal Bridge and Wormhole technologies.

The lore of the project combines base jumping with Shiba Inu while featuring Wojak and other doge-based meme characters. With its awesome lore which illustrates how meme characters were strapped with base jumping kits, soaring through the skies after jumping from the plane, Base Dawgz reveals its capability to unite the various meme coin communities.

New Multi Blockchain Meme Coin Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) Raises $1M in Token Presale

Its multichain approach is driven by the focus of its team to ensure seamless interoperability across top blockchain networks, allowing investors to explore the decentralized landscape without any hurdles. Combining this standout feature with its meme coin status makes Base Dawgz a good investment opportunity.

Also, Base Dawgz places a strong emphasis on gathering a vibrant community and has embraced a Share-to-Earn model to reward participants’ creativity and social engagement on its social media pages with free tokens. Community members will earn free points for completing certain tasks like sharing memes and other content about Base Dawgz. The points can be redeemed for $DAWGZ at the end of the presale.

Another interesting aspect of Base Dawgz that has been luring investors to its presale is its staking program. Although this offering is only available to those investing in the project from Ethereum at press time, Base Dawgz promises to extend it to other chains soon.

Finally, Base Dawgz has a clear-cut roadmap that defines its future plans, providing investors with insights about its potential.

Is Base Dawgz a Good Investment?

Despite being a fresh launch, Base Dawgz has been mentioned as one of the tokens that can yield huge dividends in the next few months. The buzz around its presale is waxing stronger every day and shows no sign of slowing down.

New Multi Blockchain Meme Coin Base Dawgz (DAWGZ) Raises $1M in Token Presale

Base Dawgz’s future success is underpinned by many factors including its multichain capabilities. This chain-hopping ability makes it possible for the token to gain from the growth of multiple blockchains, thereby impacting its short-term performance.

Base Dawgz will benefit from Solana’s high speed, Ethereum’s accessibility, Avalanche’s scalability, and Base’s flexibility. That said, since Base is its primary chain, Base Dawgz is likely to replicate the successes of other meme coins within the ecosystem.

Brett, the first meme coin on the network has gone up by over 176.15% within the last 30 days. Other Base meme coins like Toshi and Mochi have also recorded astronomical gains too. Therefore, it won’t be surprising to see $DAWGZ emulate the price performances of these meme coins, soar massively, and contribute to the $2 billion Base meme coin market.

Another big aspect that could also impact Base Dawgz’s price performance is its doge-based origin. It will build on the momentum enjoyed by other doge-based tokens, especially Shiba Inu, Dogecoin, dogwifhat, and Bonk, among the best performing assets in 2024.

Merging the powers of its doge-themed characters featuring Shiba Inu and Wojak along with its interoperability aspect, Base Dawgz has all the qualities to even outshine its predecessors in the meme coin niche. Likewise, Base Dawgz’s Share-to-Earn and staking features will also play a vital role in keeping the hype around the token alive.

Now just under two weeks into the presale, the meme coin is priced at a fraction of a cent, making it an ideal option for investors seeking short-term gain. Investors willing to join the presale can buy DAWGZ with major cryptos like USDT, SOL, USDC, BNB, or BUSD.

To stay up to date with the $DAWGZ token presale roadmap, follow Base Dawgz on X.


Leveraging the explosive Base meme coin ecosystem and its Share-to-Earn model, $DAWGZ is another ample investment option you can consider in 2024. The meme has started showing that it has all it takes to reward early movers with long-term and short-term gains.

That said, the presale presents a perfect entry for investors to engage with $DAWGZ and net amazing returns.


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