It’s the Final Countdown! Big Eyes Coin Presale Reaches $32 Million, Love Hate Inu Presale Raises $1.5 Million Before Price Increase

Place/Date: - March 30th, 2023 at 12:36 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Big Eyes Coin

It’s the Final Countdown! Big Eyes Coin Presale Reaches $32 Million, Love Hate Inu Presale Raises $1.5 Million Before Price Increase
Photo: Big Eyes Coin

Cats and dogs battle it out in the meme coin world! Big Eyes Coin and Love Hate Inu are still in their presale stages but investors expect to reap serious benefits from these cute furry coins. The reign of meme coins over the crypto kingdom has raised excitement and doubts. Will these coins have any utility in the future? Will they ever stop being just a novelty? Are they trying too hard to pander to younger generations?

To answer those questions, we’ll have to look at the history of meme coins, as well as two pieces of big news in the meme coin space.

The History of Meme Coins

We have one special dog to thank for the current explosion of animal meme coins – grandaddy Dogecoin. Dogecoin was created as a Bitcoin parody by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus in 2013. Ten years later, DOGE would rank #8 on CoinMarketCap’s listings and reach a market cap of $10 billion. It garnered the love and support of crypto enthusiasts, members, and dog lovers. Predictably, Dogecoin soon spawned a legion of imitators.

Love, Hate, Love – Love Hate Inu

Vote-to-Earn meme token Love Hate Inu has raised $1.5 million in its presale, with just one day left to go before a price increase of 5.55%. The coin was launched at the price of $0.000085 in its initial presale and is expected to end at the price of $0.000145. Love Hate Inu prides itself as a meme token that offers some utility – it allows users to vote on and discuss hot-button issues and get rewards in the process. LHINU’s platform is built on the blockchain meaning it’s harder for votes to be manipulated or changed.

Big Eyes with a Big Heart Too – Big Eyes Coin

The meme coin with the biggest presale in two years is about to launch! Cat meme token Big Eyes Coin has raised $32.21 million in its presale so far, and investors predict its star will only go on to shine brighter, perhaps even outshine some of the bigger names in crypto. Big Eyes Coin has opened up several features, including charity initiatives to save the world’s oceans, an NFT club called the Sushi Crew, and loot boxes. Now that is what we call a well-rounded cat!

Big Eyes Coin is running a limited-time offer! Use the code BULLRUN250 when purchasing BIG tokens or loot boxes and get a 250% bonus! This promotion won’t last forever so get your paws on it!

What Does the Future Hold for Meme Coins?

Critics of meme coins have pointed out these currencies are essentially worthless and have no utility. But that doesn’t have to be the case forever. For example, many businesses have started to accept Dogecoin as payment, including Elon Musk’s Tesla company. Love Hate Inu too hopes to become a meme token with some utility. Big Eyes Coin is having a monster presale and its community expects it to go head-to-head (or paw-to-paw) with crypto giants like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Time will tell if these new coins in the house will live up to the hype.

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