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Blockchain DATA Foundation Announces Strategic Partnership with BlueFocus

May 3rd, 2018 at 6:37 am UTC · 4 min read

Jointly, the Marketing Blockchain Research Lab shall be established at Kunluntang Research Institute.  The primary focus is to deploy the first DATA anti-fraud stacks based application in digital marketing and advertising industry, whilst actively exploring wider use case scenarios.

BlueFocus was established in 1996 and has grown to be the largest communication group in Asia. It is the first digital marketing company with an annual revenue of over 10 billion RMB. Since its listing on China A-Share exchange in 2010, BlueFocus has enriched its global portfolio banking on a series of merger & acquisitions and currently over 40% of its revenue now comes from overseas markets.

In 2012, BlueFocus set up “business digitalization” as one of its core group strategies, and overtime it has yielded substantial result as revenue from data technology business accounts now for nearly 90% of BlueFocus’s total revenue.

As a result of these endeavors, BlueFocus’s business ecosystem has now encompassed a number of top Chinese and international enterprises across big data analytic, advertising, marketing industries.

DATA is a blockchain based digital data authentication protocol powered by AI & P2P mobile storage infrastructure. DATA aims at solving the following critical problems through blockchain technology: data fraud of global digital ecosystem, low efficiency of cooperation caused by lack of trust, waste of ecosystem resources, unfair value distribution. DATA is a device-level data trust alliance based on blockchain, AI and distributed storage technology, and it can realize data tracing, reward recognition and data quality control through credit rating of device-level data.

In March 2018, BlueFocus and Lakala Payment Co., Ltd. (Lakala) invested 2 billion (RMB) to establish a Lakala & BlueFocus Big Data Research Institute, named Kunluntang, that includes 4 research labs: cloud computing, AI algorithm, service robots and blockchain application. BlueFocus has also set up a Research Center in the Silicon Valley, USA to facilitate further research works.

The parties will cooperate in the implementation of DATA’s blockchain based system architect and anti-fraud protocols, and in parallel, exploring broader use case scenarios in digital marketing.

On top of its marketing expertise and profound understandings of the markets as one of the industry leaders, BlueFocus has been constantly pursuing for reliable database which effective detects ever-growing fraudulent data.  It will utilize DATA’s Authentication Protocol and various layers in its stack of system management infrastructure to reinforce fraud prevention and data quality control.

For example, Domob, a subsidiary of BlueFocus, provides mobile AI integrated marketing services on mobile brand advertising, effect advertising and App distribution with one-stop programing advertising platform. Integrating with DATA, Domob will enhance its anti-fraud system and thus increase ROI by optimizing service process. Most importantly, Domob will become a validation node in DATA Trust Alliance along with other partners in the larger network.  

Based on the needs from BlueFocus and its affiliated companies, DATA will lead the marketing research for Kunluntang Research Institute. BlueFocus’ resources in big data and well diversified business models would also be valuable foundation for the joint lab research to take a lead on.

Through consensus engine, decentralized smart contract and other core mechanism based on blockchain, DATA will conduct research on development of marketing alliance chain with deeper AI in payment and data privacy. By leveraging each other’s know-how and resources collectively, more value and higher ROI of digital marketing for both BlueFocus’ clients and DATA’s ecosystem partners can be achieved.

The partnership sees that BlueFocus’s participation in Data Trust Alliance to collaborate on expanding the authenticated and reliable global advertising data ecosystem.

Data Trust Alliance, founded by Blockchain DATA Foundation, is an alliance that aims to build an authentic and trusted data ecosystem, and its members include: digital marketing data analysis company Kochava, digital advertising blockchain platform XCHNG and  global mobile monetization platform Yomob to name a few.

Meanwhile, as an alliance member, the Marketing Blockchain Research Lab of Kunluntang is poised to share its research knowledge and results in discovering the potentials in other vertical markets as well as contributing to the blockchain technology community.