BlockDAG Already Surged 1300% Before Mainnet Launch, Overshadowing Polygon & Hedera News

July 1st, 2024 at 6:35 pm UTC · 3 min read

/BlockDAG/ – Today’s crypto market is experiencing significant shifts. Polygon’s forecast indicates a potential drop to $0.30 following a sharp 22% decline. The latest Hedera (HBAR) news involves a partnership with UKCBC, though skepticism remains about HBAR’s long-term prospects.

Remarkably, BlockDAG has surged 1300% in value since its first presale, despite significant market swings, solidifying its position as the top investment in the crypto space. The cryptocurrency is nearing its highly anticipated Mainnet launch in four months, expected to propel its price from $0.014 to $1. Additionally, reflecting on BlockDAG’s successful presale and strategic roadmap, experts foresee a potential increase to $30 by 2030, translating to a possible 30,000x ROI for investors.

BlockDAG Already Surged 1300% Before Mainnet Launch, Overshadowing Polygon & Hedera News

Polygon’s Price Forecast: Potential Decline to $0.30

Polygon (MATIC) battles severe market downturns, with forecasts suggesting a potential fall to $0.30 amidst overall market declines. Currently at $0.58, MATIC has seen a 21.9% reduction over the last month. Despite a modest rebound of 2.39%, the general market outlook remains negative with notable price instability of 7.32%. With only 13 positive days in the past 30, the short-term future appears uncertain. If downward trends persist, MATIC could fall below $0.30.

Hedera (HBAR) Update: Will UKCBC Partnership Fuel Advancements?

Recent developments in Hedera (HBAR) announce a collaboration with the UK Cryptoasset Business Council (UKCBC), possibly aligning the cryptocurrency with major players like Ripple (XRP) and Coinbase. This partnership underscores HBAR’s commitment to advancing decentralized technologies in the UK’s crypto ecosystem. While Hedera shows dedication to innovation, ongoing market volatility might dampen these developments. Moreover, as HBAR positions itself with leading entities, it continuously faces challenges to sustain momentum in fluctuating market conditions.

BlockDAG Already Surged 1300% Before Mainnet Launch, Overshadowing Polygon & Hedera News

BlockDAG’s Roadmap & Price Forecast of $30 by 2030

In a dynamic market filled with highs and lows, BlockDAG stands out as a stable, profitable, and high-ROI investment. Its coin, BDAG, has escalated from $0.001 in the first batch to $0.014 in the nineteenth batch, marking a historic 1300% increase.

BlockDAG’s impressive presale performance is driven by its detailed roadmap, which unfolds in three strategic phases: Blockchain development, BlockDAG Scan (Explorer), and the X1 Mobile Miner Application. Each phase is punctuated with regular updates leading up to the ultimate Mainnet Launch, which is expected to significantly enhance BDAG’s market value.

The latest updates highlight blockchain improvements and user experience enhancements, including the integration of Ethereum-compatible smart contracts and a powerful peer-to-peer engine for improved node interactions, heralding a new chapter in cryptocurrency innovation and bolstering investor confidence in BlockDAG.

BlockDAG Already Surged 1300% Before Mainnet Launch, Overshadowing Polygon & Hedera News

BlockDAG’s roadmap and vigorous presale activity have significantly accelerated its Mainnet debut, now just four months away. At launch, BDAG’s price is anticipated to spike, with some estimates targeting $1 per coin. Early investors from the first batch have already achieved a 1300% ROI, while current investors are positioned for potential 30,000x returns in the next few years. Experts predict BDAG’s price will hit $30 by 2030, potentially turning a modest $10,000 investment today into millions within 5-6 years.

To date, BlockDAG has amassed over $54.9 million from the sale of more than 11.8 billion coins. The platform’s dashboard is brimming with large transactions, some reaching as high as $1.8 million, rapidly leading to the sell-out of batch 19.

Final Verdict

BlockDAG decisively outshines Polygon and Hedera with its notable 1300% price increase from batch 1 to batch 19. Predictions for its coin, BDAG, forecast a jump from the current $0.014 to $30 by 2030. Analysts believe BlockDAG could deliver a 30,000x return on investment. Witnessing the platform’s unmatched presale success and ambitious pricing forecasts, investors have swiftly purchased over 11.8 billion BDAG coins. With batch 19 nearly sold out, the upcoming batch 20 is expected to further raise its market value to $0.015.

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