BurstIQ Announces Official Date for Token Sale

August 29th, 2017 at 10:07 am UTC · 3 min read

Blockchain-based health data company, BurstIQ, has announced the official public sale launch date for its upcoming BiQ token crowdsale – September 19, 2017.

“We are excited to open the BurstIQ platform to the public. This is the only platform that allows people to take control of their own health data and use it to access a broad ecosystem of personalized products, services, research opportunities and peer networks,” says Chief Executive Officer Frank Ricotta. “We believe this is the start of a new era where people are in control, deciding how they want to share their data and what they want to use their data for.”

BurstIQ’s platform combines blockchain technology with big data capabilities, advanced security protocols and machine intelligence. The proprietary platform enables large, complex datasets to be managed, parsed, shared and mined while maintaining strict security standards and compliance with federal security and privacy requirements.

The BiQ Ecosystem allows users to share their data and access products and services, partnership opportunities, peer networks, and research. BiQs are the currency that will power these transactions.

For this crowdsale, BurstIQ is offering up to 700,000,000 BiQ tokens at a price of $0.12 each, which represents 70% of the total number of BiQs released for this crowdsale. The first week of the public sale (Sept. 19 – Sept. 26) will consist of a public presale with minimum purchase requirements and tiered volume discounts. From Sept. 26 – Oct. 31, no minimum purchases are required and bonuses will be offered, decreasing incrementally each week. Please see our Token Memo for more details. Participants in both the public presale and the public open sale will be able to purchase BiQ digital tokens directly through the company’s website.

“This crowdsale will allow us to jumpstart adoption of the BurstIQ platform and build a community of early adopters,” says Ricotta. “As the ecosystem matures, corporate early adopters will have a strong first-to-market advantage, and consumer early adopters will be able to influence the types of products and services that are offered through the ecosystem.”

The BiQ crowdsale is currently in private presale. For more information about how to participate in the public BiQ crowdsale or the private presale, please visit burstiq.com/biq-token-crowdsale or contact us at [email protected].

About BurstIQ

The BurstIQ platform leverages blockchain, advanced security, Big Data capabilities and machine intelligence to enable people to access and control their health data, and to put their data to work for them through a broad ecosystem of personalized products, services, research opportunities, and peer networks. Bring your health to life with BurstIQ. Visit burstiq.com for more information.

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