Synereo is Tel-Aviv-based startup developing a decentralized tech stack, allowing web applications to exist without centralized servers. The company has got a major boost lately for its plan to “fundamentally redesign the way the internet works”, as its company slogan goes.

Synereo was initially known for its attempt to create a decentralized social network, but after spending years developing a decentralized social media solution on the basis of existing blockchain technologies, the company announced lately that it had widened its operations considerably in order to develop its own blockchain enabled decentralized computation platform, capable of running all forms of decentralized applications, the company’s social network being one such application.

June 21st, 2017

WildSpark turns out to be the first product to make real use of the AMP, the digital currency issued by Synereo.

April 4th, 2017

Qrator will give the understanding of Attention Economy that puts creators and curators on top of the Internet’s monetary food chain.

October 26th, 2016

Synereo wants to use the investment to truly disrupt the traditional role of centralized servers.

September 14th, 2016

To achieve its proposed offer to allow a true P2P economy which enables large scale cooperation between individuals without them being taxed by platform giants,

June 22nd, 2016

The members of the Ethereum Foundation have launched a white hat attack on the DAO network aiming to recover the funds stolen by an anonymous hacker.

June 20th, 2016

Dor Konforty, CEO at Synereo, explained that his company had envisaged such situation and took necessary measures.