Chainlink and Cosmos Feel the Heat as Big Eyes Coin Joins the Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Projects

May 25th, 2023 at 11:56 am UTC · 3 min read

Big Eyes Coin (BIG) enters the 14th stage of its presale as the ending is just around the corner. As the end is near Big Eyes Coin will be excited to announce some upcoming projects, including NFTs and a casino. Also, Why are Chainlink (LINK) and Cosmos (ATOM) two cryptos to look out for?

Chainlink and Cosmos Feel the Heat as Big Eyes Coin Joins the Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Projects

Cosmos: It’s Written in the Stars

Cosmos has more to offer the world, it isn’t just the name of a plant or astronomical placements. It is also an entire blockchain platform. Cosmos (ATOM) is well known for its interactivity, it is useful for having the ability to help multiple blockchain systems communicate with each other. Cosmos can be thought of as a global blockchain translator and connector. Users can use the Cosmos blockchain to create their blockchain and then link to other blockchains where they can share and exchange data.

Cosmos distinguishes itself from other blockchain networks by being highly scalable and drawing attention to the importance of environmental sustainability. Cosmos uses a proof-of-stake consensus process, which uses less energy than other techniques like proof-of-work. This is beneficial for the environment and may boost platform efficiency.

Cosmos can handle a great volume of transactions without halting or jeopardizing security. This is essential for cryptocurrency since platforms are needed to meet the ever-increasing demand as more individuals use blockchain technology. Cosmos is a cryptocurrency worth watching!

Chainlink and Cosmos Feel the Heat as Big Eyes Coin Joins the Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Projects

Chainlink: Don’t Shoot the Messenger

Chainlink (LINK) is a similar system to Cosmos, they share similar traits in the sense that they are both used for passing on information between blockchains. Chainlink is an open-source blockchain project that utilizes a proof-of-stake method when operating. Because Chainlink is an open-source blockchain project, it essentially means that anyone with the code for the project can access the system and contribute in any way possible.

Chainlink is the trusty messenger bird that brings different computer systems together, making sure they understand each other and share information accurately. So, whether it’s helping make games more exciting or any other important things, Chainlink is ultimately there to keep the digital world connected!

Chainlink and Cosmos Feel the Heat as Big Eyes Coin Joins the Top Play-to-Earn Crypto Projects

Big Eyes Coin Is Bursting with Excitement

Big Eyes Coin is well-liked because it is a community-driven token. It has also made recent history with its presale, it has certainly set the bar high for other alt/meme coins presales in the future. Big Eyes Coin has made over $41 million already during its presale, and as it draws to an end, Big Eyes fanatics are holding their breath for announcements to come for the wide-eyed adorable crypto cat.

As well as donating 5% of all tokens to assist charities helping to save our oceans, Big Eyes Coin also wants to see everyone win, which is why the Big Eyes Crypto Casino is in the works currently. The development of the Big Eyes casino is still in the works, but here is the plan so far. Big Eyes Coin Casino will have over 4,000 games, many of those being play-to-earn games, where people can compete for $BIG.

The casino will strictly run on $BIG, all deposits and withdrawals will be made using Big Eyes Coin. This will greatly contribute to the 24-hour trading volume as well as encourage more people to purchase $BIG. Crypto projects, especially meme coins are always looking for ways to expand their token holder amount, so the Big Eyes casino is a great way to contribute to an ever-growing crypto ecosystem.

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