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Crypto Betting Platform Coinplay Announces 100% Welcome Bonus & Promotion for FIFA 2022 World Cup 

November 18th, 2022 at 6:55 pm UTC · 3 min read

Crypto Betting Platform Coinplay Announces 100% Welcome Bonus & Promotion for FIFA 2022 World Cup 

The World Cup is the biggest sporting event of the year, and there is a plethora of unique betting opportunities that make it even more exciting. On the flip side of that – it’s easy to get lost in different bookies, odds, and promotions. Coinplay is a crypto betting platform that combines easy-to-use functionality with both crypto and fiat payments so users can bet on all the upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup games.

Fully Licensed with Over 40 Cryptocurrencies

Coinplay is a fully licensed betting platform & online casino offering a multitude of betting possibilities and promotions. All Coinplay games are crypto-friendly with over 40 different cryptocurrencies supported. Players can also use up to 5 different cryptocurrencies on the same account, making for a flexible experience. Coinplay also features an option to exchange users’ fiat currencies for crypto for quick deposits.

VISA & Mastercard Support

A special “Buy cryptocurrency” widget allows players to enter their VISA/Mastercard details and buy the crypto coins they want with a bank card. It’s also convenient to have sports and esports betting in the same place with thousands of slots and casino games. All these features are available in mobile applications and translated into 30+ languages.

The main advantage of the crypto platform is that the registration is fast and new users can join anytime during the World Cup without missing a thing. Welcome Bonus equals the amount of the player’s first deposit – up to 5,000 USDT.

World Cup 2022 Betting

The number of possible odds for the World Cup games can be overwhelming, but It is easy to find the bet that you want on Coinplay thanks to the platform’s intuitive navigation and user-friendly design. Players can bet easily on everything during the World Cup. From single matches to champions, head-to-head stats, successes of specific teams, player stats, and much more.

Extra Promotion & Lottery

Most people bet on specific matches, and there is even a special promotion just for that. It is called “World Cup Heat” and users can take advantage of it anytime till the 18th of December. Any bet over 2 USDT on the World Cup matches earns lottery tickets, with each ticket earning a chance to win one of nine great prizes from 400 to 4,000 USDT. The bigger bets bring more tickets, but even a small one may be the luckiest.

Additional Features

Coinplay offers a great combination of sports betting and casino games. Between sports and esports players can use the same account to enjoy thousands of slots, casino games, and even live casinos with real dealers. A 100% Welcome Bonus is available in the casino as well. And last but not least, is the ever-popular cashback feature. Players get cashback for both betting and playing casino titles, and for those who bet a lot during the World Cup.

The World Cup may become much more exciting with a free lottery, doubled betting deposit, and cashback for bets – and Coinplay offers all of these at once. Avid users can enjoy the excitement and opportunity of the biggest football tournament of 2022 and a 100% welcome bonus at Coinplay.

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