Alphacat is the most advanced A.I. robo-advisor marketplace for simple-to-use yet powerful applications and services focused on cryptocurrencies. Developed by a truly stellar team and built with the NEO platform, Alphacat provides a platform which gives its users a competitive edge by leveraging proven and patented trading algorithms, combined with advanced artificial intelligence and big data technologies. The goal of Alphacat is to make investing in cryptocurrency easy and accessible for everyone, regardless of their background or experience. Alphacat plans to disrupt and revolutionize the FinTech (Financial Technology) industry by offering a complete eco-system for digital assets based financial applications and services. It will serve as a platform for all levels of investors to make informed investment decisions, using its robo-advisor services, and also serve as a full-scale development platform for future service creators who seek to utilize these powerful tools and datasets, typically reserved for large financial institutions – until now.

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