Bela is a type of digital money is meant to be easy to use. You can use Bela to pay for certain goods and services, make international payments, and easily handle in-app payments. Belacoin (previously known as BellaCoin) is light cryptocurrency that was launched in January of 2014. Belacoin network protocol uses Proof-of-Work and employs the Scrypt hashing algorithm. The Cryptocurrency was relaunched in November of 2016 under the leadership of the Ambia Fund: a private cryptocurrency investment group. Belacoin has been given new branding, technology, support, and purpose. The Ambia Fund is currently constructing a social media site called Belacam that will utilize Belacoin in a direct manner. Sites like this and others showcase the application and potential of Belacoin through 2017 and beyond.

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Coin’s Details

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  • Volume 24H


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