DigitalPrice is a 3rd generation cryptocurrency that provides secure, private, lightning fast payments and pays the user for owning it. On 4 October 2014 the cryptocurrency DigitalPrice was launched and traded under the symbol of “DP”. Currently this coin can be traded on various well-known exchange platforms. The amazing team behind the development of DigitalPrice describes their currency as representing the “third generation of cryptocurrency”, introduced by a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts with the intent to gain people’s trust in the crypto space. As a 3rd generation currency, not only are tranactions secured, private and fast, you actually get paid for holding DigitalPrice coins. DigitalPrice used the POS (Proof of Stake) work method of consensus, and is based on the SHA-256 algorithm. It provides protection on the network from malicious attacks and provides the staking mechanism that generates rewards for investors. Every 120 seconds a block reward of 25 coins is mined and is divided into two separate rewards, i.e. 66% to the Masternodes and 33% to Staking.

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