Hollywoodcoin is the world’s first digital currency designed to solve a wide range of problems and complexities at various stages of the multi-billion film industry of Silicon Valley. For those who are accustomed to see Hollywood as a dream factory, it is difficult to imagine the film business as a powerful machine earning huge money on people craving for shows and spectacles. But for the team of founders and developers of Hollywoodсoin financial bottomlessness and monopolistic position of the Hollywood is a well-known fact. The team of the founders of Hollywoodсoin are experts in the field of filmmaking with various competencies, but all of them are certain that there is an urgent need for innovative solutions to existing problems and constraints that damage both the quality of films and the reputation of many participants of the process of filmmaking (for instance, lack of transparency of financial aspects and frequent accusations of “money laundering” from film critics and the media).

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization


  • Volume 24H


  • Blockchain

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