MaxCoin (MAX)

Maxcoin is an open source, old school (no pre-mine, no ICO), community driven cryptocurrency. Maxcoin is fast, block time ~ <1minute. The Maxcoin network is a robust & secure cryptocurrency that is underpinned with several but 2 main modifications that differentiate it from the crowd. Keccak (pronounced like "ketchak") and Schnorr. Maxcoins transaction security has been upgraded with next-generation, Keccak SHA-3 algorithm for Proof of Work, that was designed and peer-reviewed by independent cryptography experts to succeed SHA-256.
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Change (24 Hours) 3.45%
Change (7 Days) 16.16%
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Maxcoin News
Altcoin Investors Pile Into Shares After $1.025 Million VC Round
October 29th, 2014

Public company Newnote Financial acquired 20% of Coinpayments for a total investment of C$1.025 million in cash, securities and warrants in Newnote and then investors piled in to the listed shares.