Polis is a cryptocurrency for communities. People thrive when they can connect and trade freely. Polis uses advanced decentralized blockchain technology to solve major problems for our global community. Polis aims to change the world through consensus-backed philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. Polis blockchain technology revolutionizes altruism by aligning economic incentives in a decentralized community. Polis is a cryptocurrency designed for a global community. Polis usesdecentralized governance and a system of democratic financing to generate global impact. Most cryptocurrencies are controlled entirely by a small group of developers and insiders. Instead, Polis flips this model upside-down by transferring democratic power to the Polis community. Community members are given a vote through masternode ownership. These votes determine which community proposals pass or fail. Anyone can create a community proposal about anything: a charitable donation, a community event, a direct change to Polis’s code base, etc. These proposals are executed and funded by The Polis Foundation. Polis connects digital communities and marginalized countries in developing areas. Supported by a passionate online community and experienced developers, the Polis missionis global impact through consensus-backed philanthropy and humanitarian efforts. Polis will never have an ICO because Polis is available for use by all people. Development is funded by a lowpremine of 1% and ownership of 1% of masternodes. This ensuresthat 99% of Polis is in the hands of the community. The community makes all future project financing decisions with decentralized governance and voting. Polis is Greek for community. Our motto is Polis Empowers People. People thrive when they can connect and trade freely. Polis uses decentralized advanced blocks chain technology to solve important problems for our global community.

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization

    8 480 519.72

  • Volume 24H


  • Blockchain

  • Circulating supply

    8 520 608.16

  • Total suplly

    8 520 608.16

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