WeTrust (TRST)

WeTrust is a decentralized platform for financial products.WeTrust’s vision is to leverage social capital, trust networks and blockchain technology to create a financial system that has aligned interests with all of it’s participants. Two billion people in this world do not have a bank account and the existing financial system has many contradictions. One cannot get an affordable loan without having a well-paying job and good credit. In addition, legitimate insurance claims directly reduce an insurance firm’s profits. The un-banked and under-banked are most hurt from this lack of access and misalignment of interests, and are always in search of alternative financial solutions.
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Bee Token ICO Lost $1 Million in Ethereum as a Result of Phishing Scam
February 2nd, 2018

Scammers attacked cryptocurrency startup BeeToken and put hands on $1 million in Ethereum. Now the company warns investors and asks the to send funds only to an address listed on the startup’s official website.

January 30th, 2018

Two startups are teaming up with a view to offer one of the first insured, commission-free solutions for short-term home sharing.

Blockchain Developers Founded To Provide ICO and Blockchain Services
September 25th, 2017

Company targets High Demand Ethereum Smart Contract and Token Crowdsale Market.

WeTrust Launches Trusted Lending Circles (ROSCA) Platform, Attracts Participants with Trustcoin Crowdsale
March 16th, 2017

WeTrust redefines reciprocal aid over Ethereum blockchain with its Trusted Lending Circles product, launches Trustcoin crowdsale.

December 12th, 2016

The company brings savings clubs into the digital world via blockchain-based mobile app.