WeTrust is a decentralized platform for financial products.WeTrust’s vision is to leverage social capital, trust networks and blockchain technology to create a financial system that has aligned interests with all of it’s participants. Two billion people in this world do not have a bank account and the existing financial system has many contradictions. One cannot get an affordable loan without having a well-paying job and good credit. In addition, legitimate insurance claims directly reduce an insurance firm’s profits. The un-banked and under-banked are most hurt from this lack of access and misalignment of interests, and are always in search of alternative financial solutions.

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization

    $976.7 K

  • Volume 24H


  • Blockchain

  • Circulating supply

    92 147 500

  • Total supply

    100 000 000

  • Proof type

  • Algorithm

  • Team Location

  • First announced

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