ZERO is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and transaction platform based on Zcash. ZERO combines Bitcoin’s security and Zcash’s anonymity and privacy. ZERO stands out of the competition as a working product that has already implemented a set of special features not found in any other coins. he Zero Project was created in February 2017 in order to identify and solve many inherent weaknesses in existing cryptographic currencies. The goal was to create a currency with transactions that required less power consumption than other currencies that were also processed faster, had less transaction fees, and permitted transactions that were untraceable and anonymous in a mainstream adoption. Zero uses a decentralized anonymous payment scheme (DAP) that can be integrated with cryptocurrencies using the Bitcoin blockchain structure, and forks thereof. Zero is presently run by a very strong community, whose aim is to deliver a successful project and product that can be enjoyed and utilized in many applications. In future, Zero plans to design and implement Z-DEX, a decentralized exchange for primarily the fellow Z-Cash clones / forks that are already (and yet to be) in existence in a unified trading ecosystem. Z-DEX will also offer fiat/ Zero trading pair/s for its further core functions (as detailed below). A payment gateway system known as Z-Pay is also to be implemented as a basis of payment that enables a unique payment system from the Z-DEX exchange for transactions with merchants that do not directly accept Zero. Z-Pay will also act as standalone payment gateway for real world transactions utilizing the overarching Zero currency at merchants that directly accept the currency. A further proposed function of Z-Pay is to provide an umbrella payment system that caters for 3rd party currencies to adopt for transactions. These transactions will utilize a direct Zero currency pairing with said 3rd party coins for instant and seamless transactions. Both Z-DEX exchange and Z-Pay payment gateway system could eventually serve as an ecosystem for other currencies that do not yet have the infrastructure to implement payments and trading.

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Coin’s Details

  • Market Capitalization

    $1.0 M

  • Volume 24H

    $0.0 K

  • Blockchain

  • Circulating supply

    9 571 990

  • Total supply

    17 000 000

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