DAO.Casino Receives Integrity Award Certificate from Gaming Laboratories International

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DAO.Casino Receives Integrity Award Certificate from Gaming Laboratories International
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The Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), has awarded gaming blockchain platform DAO.Casino, with a certificate of Integrity. The certificate was awarded as a confirmation of true randomness for DAO.Casino’s Signidice RNG. 

DAO.Casino, a blockchain platform that ensures transparency and offers a simple and easy platform for game developers and casino operators, has announced its receipt of a Certificate of Integrity by Gaming Laboratories International LLC (GLI). According to the announcement on the DAO.Casino official blog, the certificate was received for the Signidice Random Number Generator (RNG).

Thumbs Up from GLI

The Signidice RNG and all other resources with any bearing with it, were presented to the GLI for testing. The GLI was to test the generator and assess its randomness for use in iGaming based on certain criteria including software verification, data analysis and source code review. These parameters were used to conclusively define the generator’s proficiency in the spawning of random results for various games include Roulette, Dice and Slots. The Signidice RNG was also assessed by the GLI against particular standards by as applicable in the Isle of Man, UK Remote and Malta Remote. The extensive testing resulted in a thumbs up from GLI as the Signidice RNG was fully deemed fit.

“We’re pleased to report that GLI’s conclusion demonstrates that all tests applied to Signidice RNG data showed that Signidice RNG indeed exhibits random behaviour, making it perfectly suitable for iGaming applications.”

What This Means for DAO.Casino

The announcement then highlights the significance of the received Certificate of Integrity. It points out that the certificate directly attests to the appraisal of Signidice RNG, conducted by a third-party and fairly proves that the generator is decisively random and fully suitable for gaming. For creators and developers, this means that using the DAO.Casino blockchain, guarantees an impartial and fully random output for various games.

Evaluation Process

The award presented by GLI delineates the evaluation process for the Signidice RNG. The Source Code Review was done to pin down the exact process of generation of random outcomes. The review was done by “tracing the path of the RNG application from the initiation of the draw to the selected output of random numbers.” After this tracing was done, the source code was further scrutinized to detect the possibility of any parameters which could have some effect or the other, on how random the output could be. The review concluded the software did not tamper with normal functioning and the RNG was generating truly random results.

For Data Analysis, GLI examined all the game configuration parameters and also performed a data format check on every data set. This was to ensure that all of the parameters were properly shown in the final data analysis.

Joining the DAO.Casino Community

With the release of its Blockchain TestNet 2.0, DAO.Casino has extended an invitation to willing members of the public, to join the team as a Validator or a Delegator. This, according to the team, is to prepare interested parties for the eventual launch of the DAO.Casino MainNet.

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