DoggyAI Presale Reaches Over $101,000 Shortly After Launch

June 12th, 2024 at 12:40 pm UTC · 3 min read

DoggyAI Presale Reaches Over $101,000 Shortly After Launch

London, United Kingdom /Doggy AI/Doggy AI (DOGYAI)has swiftly accumulated over $101,000 in its presale shortly after launch, and the DOGYAI team sees this as an encouraging start in the meme coin market.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Doggy AI combines meme culture with advanced AI technology. It aims to attract a broad community by offering daily staking rewards, with the potential for participants to enhance their holdings efficiently.

Presale Achievements and Allocation

The presale of Doggy AI has already surpassed $101,000, with no hard cap specified in the whitepaper. Thirty percent of the token’s 69 billion total supply is allocated for the presale. The allocation plan also designates 20% for staking rewards, 10% for community incentives, 10% for exchange liquidity, 20% for marketing efforts, and the remaining 10% for project support and expansion.

Users can purchase DoggyAI $DOGYAI here

Innovative Technology Meets Meme Culture: The New Era of Crypto Marketing

Doggy AI is rallying its vibrant community with the goal of ascending to the pinnacle of the meme coin market, showcasing a progressive model of modern community engagement.

This project caters to a wide range of investor profiles by integrating advanced AI technology within a meme coin format. It appeals to both traders interested in high-risk ventures and those focused on long-term value.

Doggy AI aims to emulate the success of similar ventures like Corgi AI and Turbo, which have effectively merged advanced technology with meme culture.

However, Doggy AI stands out from its predecessors in several ways. First, its playful name and branding capture the contrarian essence of memetic culture. Additionally, its staking rewards are designed to mitigate the volatility typical of meme coins.

Staking Rewards and Market Strategy

The staking supply will be gradually released over two years, initially targeting early participants for rewards. The team hopes these rewards will decrease as more users join the staking pool.

However, these significant rewards are reserved for early participants, as the staking benefits will diminish as more users join the staking pool. The team plans for the prices to rise progressively throughout the presale, rewarding early investors with greater value for their investment.

$DOGYAI is currently trading at $0.000289, but the next uptick will occur in one day or when the total raise hits $714,285.71.

Users can follow Doggy AI on X or join its Telegram to stay updated.

  • Project Name: Doggy AI
  • Token Name: $DOGYAI
  • Deployment Network: Ethereum
  • Soft Cap: $8,835,000
  • Hard Cap: $10,000,000
  • Presale Start Date: 07/06/2024

About DoggyAI

DoggyAI ($DOGYAI) introduces a unique fusion of meme. culture and artificial intelligence to the cryptocurrency ecosystem. By leveraging AI technology and the viral nature of memes, DoggyAI aims to create a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience for its community.


Thomas Bellingham, Marketing Manager

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