27 Million Bets Later, EarnBet.io’s Token Holders Have Shared Over $4 Million in the First Year

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27 Million Bets Later, EarnBet.io’s Token Holders Have Shared Over $4 Million in the First Year
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With a house edge that is one of the industry’s lowest, blockchain gaming platform and Dapp EarnBet.io has overseen over 27,000,000 bets since 2018, with its punters seeing payouts over $377,000,000.

The Rise of Dapps

Decentralized applications (Dapps) first captured the hearts and eyes of many in the blockchain industry for the way they would disrupt so many sectors, particularly with the emergence of smart contracts and Dapp platforms like Ethereum.

Although Dapps have yet to fulfill their true potential for the most part, its widespread use in the gaming industry has exceeded expectations and continues to find actual use case every day, with adoption and growing utility leading gaming Dapps to take a majority portion of all the 1 billion transactions taking place over the past year on blockchain platforms, recording transaction volumes worth over $10 billion.

As users and revenues continue to increase, Dapps like EarnBet.io, which launched in March 2018 as EOSBet, continues to earn the accolades, thanks to a decentralized platform that gave everyone a provably fair gaming experience as well as rewards for engagement, via awarding of BET tokens. BET enables players to share in casino profits, with 100% of revenue distributed to BET holders.

In this way, EarnBet has provided the perfect answer to the industry, looking for a professional firm that embodied the values of blockchain in being transparent, immutable, decentralized and tokenized.

An Embodiment of the Spirit of Dapps

Still one of the most successful Dapp launches, EarnBet’s transaction volume during its first month live on EOS mainnet far outpaced the entire Bitcoin network and every single Ethereum Dapp.

Many milestones and countless landmark targets later, it continues to be a showcase commercial platform built on top of the EOSIO blockchain, with a reputation strengthened by being the first on-chain casino to fully acquire a gaming license.

By focusing on user experience and easy, seamless onboarding, EarnBet allows users to enjoy every blockchain advantage without the technical complexities. Imagine instant transactions, whether sending or receiving, signup process that takes only a few clicks thanks to decentralized accounting.

No more clumsy wallets or 3rd party software. Forget transaction fees or the need to stake resources. And never let your funds leave your wallet ever again!

After a rebranding from EOSBet, EarnBet’s transition mirrors the rapid growth beyond EOS. With betting now available in major crypto like BTC, ETH, and LTC, EarnBet has moved well beyond the ecosystem of EOS, and plans even more integrations of crypto, along with a sixth game coming in the next few weeks. All of this pushes the bar even higher for what is possible with a blockchain platform.

Everyone Is a Winner at EarnBet.io

With an industry-leading house edge, EarnBet.io has recorded more than 27,000,000 million bets since 2018 and has paid out over $377,000,000 million to its winning bettors.

Even better is EarnBet’s profit-sharing mechanism that distributes 100% of profits to BET token holders. This is distributed instantly, every second, with every profit made. And since BET can also be bought on the market, thanks to Binance DEX and Newdex listings, the access is wider, while perpetual buybacks ensure that supply will always decrease over time, with some 1.5% (half a million BET) already burnt.

What’s Next for EarnBet

With so much success after only a year, motivation is high to go even further. By 2019, EarnBet will have two new games on offer, and a new affiliate page to help referrers keep track of payouts. With additional revenue streams and functionality coming to the BET token, the rewards for holders can only get better.

Even marketing will widen its reach to seek out new users in other crypto communities. Right now, there is a promotion for new members, where they will receive 50 free BET tokens for signing up.

To see for yourself the Dapp success of EarnBet.io, visit the website, or mingle with their users online at Telegram and Twitter.

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