Ethereum (ETH) Staking Rises by 400,000 ETH Amid Market Rush For Sparklo (SPRK) Presale

Place/Date: - May 5th, 2023 at 5:35 am UTC · 3 min read
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Ethereum (ETH) Staking Rises by 400,000 ETH Amid Market Rush For Sparklo (SPRK) Presale

The Gold trading industry is about to be revolutionized thanks to the upcoming launch of Sparklo – an investment platform with a unique focus on gold, silver, and platinum. In other news,  Ethereum (ETH) staking has increased significantly since the launch of the famous Shappella upgrade designed to allow staking withdrawals. The amount of ETH staked in liquid protocols increased by over 400,000 ETH since the Shappella upgrade was launched in mid-April.

Sparklo (SPRK) Launches NFT-Powered Gold Trading Platform

Sparklo is using blockchain technology to change the way precious metals are traded forever. Firstly, Sparklo is reducing the cost barrier to trading rare metals. Usually, many platforms would require investors to purchase a full bar of gold, silver, or platinum.

Instead, Sparklo allows them to buy in smaller amounts which would be represented by fractionalized NFTs. Of course, these NFTs can be traded on Sparklo’s marketplace exchange, and asset transfer would be handled smoothly by Sparklo.

Sparklo’s blockchain also grants investors worldwide access to markets for gold, silver, and platinum. As a result, Sparklo’s users would be able to get the best prices for any trade they want to make.  In addition, Sparklo would enable them to communicate with traders all over the world, which would allow them to quote the best prices when completing trades.

Sparklo’s security is unrivaled. The network relies on high-end KYC verification policies, which would allow them to monitor fraudulent activity on the Sparklo network. The platform also prioritizes the safety of user information, and it goes to great lengths to keep its users anonymous, especially on the public order book.

Furthermore, Sparklo has made some overtures to the investment community as a sign of its safety and efficiency. The results of its recently completed security audit with interface have been published on the network. It has also announced its plan for a liquidity lock that would last 100 years.

Similarly, team tokens would be locked for 1000 days. Sparklo is still in presale, yet investors can’t stop talking about it. Its price is still low, only $0.017, but it is expected to rise as Sparklo’s popularity grows. We suggest joining the project now before the price jumps again.

Staking Protocols on Ethereum (ETH) Attract 400,000 Ether after Shapella Upgrade

About three weeks since the launch of Ethereum (ETH)’s Shappella upgrade, staking activity has increased significantly. Over 400,000 ETH has been added to 17 liquid staking platforms on the Ethereum (ETH) network. Furthermore, the Total value locked in liquid staking protocols has grown to over $16 billion.

Interestingly, the Shappella upgrade allowed Ethereum (ETH) staking withdrawals for the first time. Since then, staking activity has risen considerably. Nearly 14 days after the launch of the Shappella upgrade, over 570,000 ETH, or slightly over $1 billion, was deposited into staking contracts.

A good chunk of that amount came from institutional Ethereum (ETH) staking platforms like Bitcoin Suisse, Figment, Kiln, and Furthermore, many investors also restated their rewards from previous stake pools. As a result, some suggest that Staking withdrawals have reduced the liquidity issues that staked Ethereum (ETH) faces.

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