First Bitcoin ATM in Las Vegas Casino

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First Bitcoin ATM in Las Vegas Casino
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The first bitcoin ATM has appeared in Las Vegas. Now tourists visiting the gambling center of the US can get their cryptocurrency at The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel.

The first bitcoin ATM has appeared in Las Vegas. Now tourists visiting the gambling center of the US can get their cryptocurrency at The D Las Vegas Casino Hotel.

The D in cooperation with Robocoin, Las Vegas-based manufacturer of a Bitcoin ATM, has planned to place a bitcoin ATM inside its casino.

The vending machine allows users to buy and sell the currency. The CEO of the D Las Vegas Casino Hotel, Derek Stevens stated:

“We’re proud to be the first casino property to accept bitcoin and we’re excited to offer our customers the convenience of a bitcoin ATM.”

Vegas and compliance

The D Casino Hotel is located downtown on Fremont Street, distanced from the main Las Vegas Strip. Stevens refers to this area of Las Vegas as a “growing high-tech hub”.

Furthermore, the casino became the first to accept bit coin payments for hotel stays, restaurants bills and gift shop items. However, The D still does not accept bitcoin for gambling.

“The Nevada Gaming Control Board would have to approve [bitcoin for gambling], which seems unlikely for the foreseeable future,” said Sam Glaser, Robocoin’s CMO. However, the Nevada Gaming Commission is considering to use bit coin in the future.

Jordan Kelly, the CEO of Robocoin, mentions that it is a huge step for bit coin industry to place a bit coin vending machine in Las Vegas:

“[We’re launching] in the highly regulated state of Nevada. These are all signs of bitcoin maturity and institutional acceptance.”

About Robocoin

Robocoin is known as firm that launched one of the first bitcoin ATMs in the world last October.

Moreover, the company recently announced  a launch of Robocoin bank offering the features of the financial institution.

Robocoin works with local operators that can deal with regulators in their jurisdictions. In such a way Robocoin makes sure that their machines will be compliant with the standards of a region.

Jordan Kelley, the Robocoin CEO, said that The D Casino Hotel is located only a block away from his company’s headquarters in Las Vegas:

“We couldn’t be happier to install Robocoin in our hometown and the D is a perfect fit,” he said.

“This is the first step towards bitcoin’s ultimately critical role in gaming’s infrastructure and Robocoins appearing in casinos everywhere,” Sam Glaser the CTO of Robocoin, mentioned.

The largest competitor of Robocoin among the bitcoin ATM rivals is Lamassu. Lamassu with a help of working operator put the first US-based bictoin ATM in New Mexico earlier this year.

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