FUN Token Adds 200,000 New Users to Its iGaming Ecosystem in 7 Months

Place/Date: - September 24th, 2021 at 2:34 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: FUN Token

February 2021 marked the start of a new journey for FUN Token., the seventh-largest online casino in the world, acquired the token, assembled a world-class team behind it, and set it on a path to bring decentralized gaming to the masses. Since then, FUN Token has racked up over 200,000 new users on the back of its efforts, and there’s a lot more to come. Let’s take a look at $FUN’s progress in the last seven months.

FUN Token’s Journey to 200,000 New Users

The first order of business’s acquisition was the appointment of a CEO in Adriaan Brink. Prior to the appointment, Adriaan boasted over 20 years of experience operating online gambling sites including the world’s first online gambling site. His expertise ensured FUN Token was off to a bright new start.

Being an ERC20 token, transactions using FUN Token were untenable owing to the high gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. The second order of business was identifying a use case that would circumvent this issue.

That came about with’s Premium Membership Program – a program that allowed over 46 million users to purchase $FUN and earn extraordinary benefits.

This laid the foundation for FUN Token’s growth. Over the next couple of months, the team behind $FUN introduced a roadmap as the token gained thousands of new users and reached a four-year high.

On 1st July, $FUN became one of only ten tokens to be listed for Locked Savings at Binance, joining the likes of BTC, USDT, and LINK. However, the month of August featured a massive series of developments:

  1. FUN Token Savings at introduced a lucrative in-house savings program for its user base. $FUN holders can earn up to 25% APY on their tokens.
  2. Integration: FUN Token announced that they were partnering with popular travel website to allow $FUN users to book flights, hotels, tours, and more using the token.
  3. DPLAY: The biggest development of them all – FUN Token launched DPLAY, the exclusive $FUN casino. Featuring a variety of live casino games, table games, and video slots, DPLAY offers a custodial online gambling platform to $FUN users. An integration with also allows users to link their accounts to DPLAY, facilitating seamless deposits and withdrawals.

An active development ecosystem coupled with promising updates has helped $FUN amass over 200,000 new users in the last seven months. And there’s still a lot more to come.

The Future of FUN Token

The FUN Token team is working to launch a new Layer-2 token called xFUN on the Polygon network which would eliminate the issue related to high transaction fees and enable seamless gambling on a dedicated decentralized casino.

This token will be pegged 1:1 with $FUN and will introduce a dual asset deflationary ecosystem that will take FUN Tokens out of circulation and help to improve its value over time.

Furthermore, a strategic coin-burning program will go live on 30th September when the first token burn will take place. And this is just the beginning.