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Gamdom: The Best Skin Gambling Platform

May 21st, 2019 at 9:22 pm UTC · 5 min read

Gamdom: The Best Skin Gambling Platform is a top-rated casino platform which allows users to safely gamble their Bitcoin, DOTA, VGO, vIRL or CSGO skins.

The website is licensed and operates according to a provably fair policy. This showcases that the platform is legitimate and that none of the games have been manipulated by Gamdom.

What Makes Gamdom Special?

The Games

The games offered on this Bitcoin casino platform are: Tradeup, Roulette, Crash, and HiLo. Players are able to gamble using their VGO skins, CSGO skins, and Dota 2 skins. Upon deposit, users receive Gamdom coins (the skins are converted in the platform’s proprietary currency), and these can be used in all gambling operations.

In addition to skins, users can also make deposits in the world’s number one cryptocurrency: Bitcoin.

The games all come with clean and responsive graphics, with engaging sounds for all roulette and HiLo games. On the left side of the page, there is a chat feature where users are able to interact with each other.

Provably Fair Games

All of Gamdom games are verified by a provably fair system. To verify if each game is fair, a separate server is used to generate the SHA 256 hashes. The fairness of a game can be verified at any time by the user by looking it up by its SHA256 hash.

Gamdom has generated a chain of 10 million SHA 256 hashes for each of its games. All of the hashes of the finished games are published on the site so that they can be checked for any modifications. The fact that the chain is publicly displayed stops anyone from selecting a different SHA256 chain.

All future games have their outcome predetermined based on the SHA 256 function’s cryptographic distribution. This system shows that Gamdom is not capable in any way to change the outcome of a game in its favor.

The Rainbot Feature

Rainbot is what makes this CSGO gambling site special. This bot feature automatically rewards coins to users that are active in the chat once every 2-28 minutes. The Rainbot distributes the coins depending on the amount gambled by each user.

To get the Rainbot rewards you have to keep an eye open and click on the blue pop up shaped like a cloud which appears in the chat. You’ll have to move quickly as this won’t stay long on your screen.

If you want to increase your bonus, you just have to add “” to your name, and you can get 50% extra.

Daily Rewards

Gamdom also rewards users on a daily basis if their account is verified. Accounts can easily be verified by using your phone to receive a text verification code. Verified accounts are eligible to receive daily rewards & free coins from the Rainbot feature.

The amount you receive in your daily rewards depends on your account’s level. The higher the level, the more coins you receive. A level can be increased by using the Name Promotion and by gaining XP points.


Gamdom holds various contests, promotions, and giveaways on its social media channels to engage its user community. Participants have to complete simple tasks, such as following Gamdom on Instagram or sharing one of their tweets.

Bonus Jackpot Rounds and Rewards

Gamdom lets users win extra rewards in jackpot rounds when they play Crash, HiLo or Roulette.

The progressive Crash Jackpot gives out to the luckiest of crash players a very substantial bonus. The total jackpot is divided in a way that the winner gets the highest percentage, with the rest being divided among the remaining players of that winning round. All of the other jackpots operate on a similar basis, with the percentage distribution varying with the Roulette Jackpot and the HiLo Jackpot.

Gamdom puts 1% of the total bets each round to the Roulette jackpot and 0.1% to the HiLo jackpot. The chances of winning increase each time they make another bet and the likelihood grows even more if they had big wins.

Easy Withdrawals

Bitcoin withdrawals are known to feature several advantages when compared to fiat transfers. Crypto transactions incur lower fees and faster transaction times. There will be some cases in which the transfer times will be longer, but this is because of the blockchain’s traffic.

Withdrawing your skins, Bitcoins or items from Gamdom takes no more than a few seconds. After depositing and gambling the required amount, you can withdraw your earnings by accessing the “Marketplace” and selecting the amount you want to withdraw.

Items and skins will be instantly credited to your account once you have completed the transaction.

Customer Support

Gamdom offers not one, but three types of support on its website: normal support, technical, and marketing support. Each department is dedicated to providing answers to different aspects of the platform.

All of the support staff members are highly knowledgeable in their field and are quick to respond and solve any issues a customer might have. There is also a comprehensible FAQ section which features some of the most common inquires a user might have about the website and its features.

Gamdom wants to provide the best user experience on its platform, so it is scouting to recruit some of the most talented developers. If you are an experienced developer that is looking for a rewarding job, click on the link to find out more.

About Gamdom

Gamdom is a CSGO trading platform dedicated to providing the safest and most thrilling casino experience to users that want to bet their Bitcoins, skins or vIRL items.



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