Game Inn, Universal GameFi Ecosystem, Welcomes Private Investors on Eve of Full-Scale Launch 

Place/Date: - September 14th, 2022 at 11:17 am UTC · 4 min read
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Game Inn, Universal GameFi Ecosystem, Welcomes Private Investors on Eve of Full-Scale Launch 
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Game Inn, an all-in-one GameFi ecosystem aimed at bringing together top-notch P2E products, developers, players and guilds, has announced its native asset $GINN is now available for purchase by private investors. The Game Inn team reported a successfully closed strategic round with over $750,000 raised. The private sale is the final investment stage before the full-scale product launch and upcoming IDO. Early investors are invited to purchase $GINN at a 25% discount for only $0.1375.

Game Inn offers a wide variety of seamlessly integrated products that cover the specific needs of each category: game developers, investors, players, and professional guilds. Their main goal is to create a true synergy between all parties involved in the GameFi industry. The platform strives to provide a data-driven, multi-level interaction that produces a win-win solution for everyone.

With Game Inn, developing teams and companies that meet the reasonably high standards of the platform have access to a vast active user base, as well as a transparent overview of their products’ key performance metrics. Integrating Game Inn’s unique solutions like NFT Market, Workspace, Multipass, and others not only provides seamless access to the GameFi market, but results in significant spending cuts in development, marketing and analytics.

From the end-user perspective, Game Inn is an unsurpassed dive into the GameFi world with the best P2E games, industry news, reviews, and gaming communities brought together within one ecosystem.

Game Inn receives a significant boost to its UX with their Multipass tool, which allows users to move smoothly between games, keeping all gamer stats, achievements and artefacts within the same profile. With several levels available, this feature requires a KYC-procedure for users to claim their rewards. In the end, Multipass benefits game developers by protecting their products from bots and other types of fraudulent activities, as well as giving them access to more transparent marketing data on their products.

Another unique feature – Workspace – caters to guilds, as it allows them to manage their members in a smart and flexible manner by setting team goals and sharing them on joint dashboards. Workspace is empowered with a secure NFT lending & borrowing solution, which is also important for guilds and gaming communities.

What also makes the Game Inn concept stand out from competing platforms is their intense focus on gaming NFTs. The Game Inn NFT Market – another groundbreaking built-in product – is poised to completely redefine the previous experience of the mobility of gaming NFTs. Non-fungible asset holders can loan out their artefacts in a secured manner to other community members who rent the desired item for a reasonable price to enhance their gaming experience. What is more, all $GINN holders get the opportunity to earn from the platform’s commissions by staking their tokens.

When reached for comment, Game Inn CEO Andrey Mezhuev, has expressed his confidence in the success of the Game Inn project, as well as his gratitude to early investors and backers for their contribution. He said:

“The idea of including the entire multi-level DeFI gaming industry within one ecosystem is nothing short of a great challenge. However, we see big promise in bringing together all parties within one space for a mutually beneficial experience. Empowered with various cutting-edge capabilities, our delighted users will be the best evidence of the game-changing power of our concept.  The Game Inn team has put in great effort to implement our extensive roadmap in strict accordance with the timelines, and I have no doubt that we will have everything ready for a full-scale ecosystem launch by the end of 2022. I’d like to thank all early investors and contributors for making the right choice to support the Game Inn team and vision!”

About Game Inn

Game Inn is a revolutionary data-driven GameFi ecosystem combining a wide range of products and capabilities both for end-users and P2E game developers. Created with a significant focus on the utility of gaming NFTs, Game Inn includes its own marketplace to lend and borrow non-fungible items, fully compatible with numerous games available within the platform.

With a full-scale product release launched for Q4 2022, Game Inn has closed the strategic round for their native token, $GINN, with the $750,000 cap successfully reached. The complete list of products, as well as more detailed information on the project is available on the Game Inn website.

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