Gnox (GNOX) Price Gains 63% Amidst Market Bloodbath Marking It as One Of the Best “Bear Proof” Tokens, as Opposed to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)

Place/Date: - July 8th, 2022 at 3:40 pm UTC · 3 min read
Source: Gnox

Gnox (GNOX) Price Gains 63% Amidst Market Bloodbath Marking It as One Of the Best “Bear Proof” Tokens, as Opposed to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH)
Photo: Gnox

Looking for a good crypto right now can be difficult. There have been massive price losses across most of the market. But there’s one key point to make here: not every coin is going down. And while the global economic market struggles filter through into the crypto world, this doesn’t mean it’s the end for the crypto space. Everything is down right now. Traditional stocks, investment funds, they’ve all seen losses too. Some experts even say that despite recent weakness in the crypto world, crypto could be the way out of this and into a more decentralized, more fruitful financial future for normal people. But even so – you’ve probably seen your cryptos struggle recently. Most portfolios are down. And for that, you need to consider “bear-proof” selections for your next investments. Because there are some coins that have actually done well despite overall market conditions. These coins could be the future for your portfolio. And the best performer in recent weeks has been GNOX.

Gnox Continues to Make Strong Gains

GNOX is up 63% over the last few weeks. And this price gain is even more impressive when you consider how the rest of the market is doing. This shows real bear market strength. Could Gnox be bear proof?

Gnox has thrived despite BTC struggling, so imagine how much it could improve when the wider market starts to show strength again.

More and more people have been attracted to GNOX not just because of the huge gains the coin has made in recent weeks, but because of the quality of the overall Gnox project. It gives regular investors the chance to earn real passive income from DeFi, with no prior crypto experience. With GNOX, you don’t have to understand or manage things like staking, you just hold your coins. And get passive income returns from Gnox’s treasury of investments paid out every month. This could bring DeFi investment benefits to the masses, and to those that have previously been reluctant to enter the digital finance world.

That’s why Gnox has huge upside, and it could be bear market proof.

What About Bitcoin and Ethereum?

Bitcoin and Ethereum haven’t had a great month or so. But it hasn’t all been bad. After BTC dipped below $20k a couple of weeks ago, the entire community was in panic-mode. Nobody knew how low it would go. Some were calling a floor price of only $1,000, some even lower. Were people starting to realize that the coin’s price had been propped up by speculation and sentiment rather than solid fundamentals all this time? And if confidence had now been lost, was it over for Bitcoin?

Interestingly, things didn’t get as bad as some were predicting. BTC managed to show a bit of strength and consolidate. While BTC is never “stable” in the traditional sense, it has shown some stability around that $20k point, staying there for a few weeks. This has helped ease a bit more confidence back into the market, with an increase in DCA investments and some people saying now is the time to “buy the dip”. While nobody knows what BTC’s future price will be, some are still predicting a $100k BTC. Some are predicting even more.

And as is often the case, ETH followed a similar pattern to BTC. These two big-players in the crypto world often follow similar price graphs. Perhaps now’s the time to look for a crypto that doesn’t rely on the strength or weakness of BTC to succeed? A coin like GNOX.

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