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How to Make Profit on Gambling Stocks: Find Your Perfect Investment Strategy

UTC by Julia Sakovich · 6 min read
How to Make Profit on Gambling Stocks: Find Your Perfect Investment Strategy
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Check this guide to learn how to make money from gambling stocks. Find out where to start, what investment strategy to choose, and more.

All millionaires are shareholders in some of the biggest companies. Indeed, investing in stocks has always been 100% efficient for accumulating wealth. While there are plenty of niches to choose from, many people opt for the gambling industry. Is it profitable for long-term investments? Should you prefer an American, Canadian, or Aussie casino provider to buy stocks from? Read further to find out.

Is Stock Investment Profitable Today?

Many of us are wondering: “How to get rich while doing nothing?” There are lots of ways you can earn a fortune: business, affiliate marketing, gambling, sports betting, etc. You have probably placed some bets on online casino sites or horse racing sportsbooks. While gambling might bring you short-term income, investing in the stocks of casino software companies and gambling operators is a whole different story.

2020 has become a winning year for online gambling. Just imagine: millions of people worldwide are trapped at their homes during the lockdown. They are thirsty for entertainment and easy money, so online gambling becomes a safe haven for them. It’s super-resilient and expected to bring immense profits in the upcoming year too.

Therefore, you can invest money in gambling stocks and receive a substantial profit in the long run.

How to Start Earning Money from Gambling Stocks

Investing in stocks works in the following way:

  • A company issues valuable assets (stocks).
  • Investors, like you, purchase these assets.
  • If the company makes a profit and grows in size, its assets increase in value as well.
  • Companies pay dividends to their investors.
  • Investors, having the assets, grow their capital.

For example, you have purchased a single company’s stock for $1,000. On average, you can expect a 10% annual return, which is money earned from the company’s growth within 365 days. Thus, in five years, you can expect to get $500. Well, it sounds pretty slow and, therefore, pointless. At first sight.

You can continue investing regularly. Let’s say you buy $1,000 of stock value each month. By doing so for several years, you can accumulate substantial money. After that, your wealth will grow exponentially.

Eventually, you can hold $1 million and get this 10% each year, which is $100,000. At this point, you can quit your job and enjoy a fabulous life.

But where should you start and what investment strategies to choose from then?

Decide on the Investment Approach

Do you want to do everything by yourself? If you’re a DIY person who likes market research and other stuff, a broker investment account will fit your personality perfectly. Find an online platform to buy gambling stocks and build your wealth.

Or, you can address robo-advisors if you need help with choosing the stocks and managing your funds. What are they? A robo-advisor is an AI-driven digital stock platform that performs plenty of calculations and manages your assets based on your goals. This approach fits you if you want to put money into your account and make it work for you.

Be Ready to Lose Everything

Building your stock portfolio can be as risky as playing slots. So, it means you can become a millionaire, but there is always a chance of losing everything. Thus, be prepared for this mentally. You must be ready to lose your investment. Don’t enter the market when you have to make ends meet. To succeed in this field, you must have a thick purse. Most importantly, you have to invest dollars regularly, each month, for many years.

Choose a Broker

Creating your brokerage account will be the first step towards making real money from gambling stocks. But there are so many brokers. How to choose one? There are several things you should keep in mind while selecting an online broker:

  • Account maintenance fees. A platform will charge a certain percent of your investment for your account maintenance. It can be a fixed amount as well. So, comparing the account maintenance fees of different brokers is a wise approach. If you choose the least costly option while preserving decent service quality, you can benefit from online gaming stocks to the fullest.
  • Minimum deposit requirements. Some brokers want you to invest at least $500-$1,000 or more. But some agencies set no limits on how small your first deposit can be, which is fair and equal.
  • Security features. These include platform and account protection measures, and most importantly, insurance. Make sure you will get compensation if anything goes wrong.

As long as you pay attention to these features, you can ensure the safety of your funds.

Choose Your Investment Strategy

You have a brokerage account and lots of money to invest in right now. What’s next? An investment strategy is something you have to decide on in the very beginning. Here are two basic approaches:

Long-Term Holding

If you are reading this article to figure out how to invest in online stocks, holding your money will become the most beneficial solution for you. It’s a time-proven, 100% efficient formula.

What should you do? You have to invest continuously for an extended period. This approach fits both beginners and experienced investors. The critical point is to resist the urge to sell or buy stocks when the market experiences ups and downs. As a rule, an immense increase comes after a recession and vice versa. So, selling stocks when they are falling in price might result in devastating losses in the long run.


Trading involves speculation on stock price volatility for the purpose of gaining additional profits. In this case, you can forget about dividends since you will sell and buy stocks far more often than the required dividend payout period passes. To benefit from trading stocks, you have to be super-lucky, experienced, and market-savvy.

Is trading profitable? Well, it might be. But the harsh truth is that 80% of traders lose their investments in the long run. Thus, you will fail unless you can bring both immense experience and luck to the table.

Diversifying Your Portfolio

A stock portfolio is a collection of all your investments. To bring you real profits, it should consist of 30+ gaming companies. These can be game suppliers, onsite and online casinos. You can prioritize both national and international game providers and operators that accumulate the highest revenues, like those in Australia, Canada, or the UK. The more diverse your portfolio is, the higher the chance that a particular company will boost its profits several times. Consider well-known brands such as IGT, William Hill, Caesars Entertainment, NetEnt, etc.

The Bottom Line

Stocks are a time-proven way of increasing your wealth. You can become fabulously rich in several years if you make investments month after month and choose profitable companies. You can also trade stocks, but this method involves a lot more risk than the traditional buy-and-hold strategy. The latter remains the most efficient and profitable investment option. Still, make sure you have performed comprehensive research on the companies’ performance before investing your money in it. Consult an expert if you are not market-savvy.

This guide was contributed by Julia Beyers, who has found herself as a Freelance Journalist. Julia is writing about blockchain, new crypto trends, and their importance for various industries.

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