Latest ICO News

Binance Launchpad, the token sale platform of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has completed yet another successful token sale – that of Celer Network.

World’s Biggest Tech Corporation Microsoft Ventures Into ICO

The new ICO solution has been jointly developed by Microsoft Azure and Stratis – an ICO platform that offers KYC solutions, custom branding and support for different currencies.

Will 2019 be in Favor of Security Token Offerings?

Here comes another alternative of ICO, that is known as Security Token Offering (STO). There are analysts who believe that STOs will eventually replace ICOs. Here’s what makes them think like that.

Token Launch Platform CoinList Offers Its First Token Sale of 2019, Expects ICO Market Rise

After a year-long break, CoinList platform is back on a track offering the U.S. accredited investors and international customers to buy out Ocean’s utility tokens.

Gladius Gets Reprieve from the SEC and Returns its ‘Unregistered ICO’ Cash

Gladius Network LLC self-reports to the SEC for overseeing an unregistered ICO enabling them to avoid penalties provided that they pay all the investors who request for a refund.

SEC to Clarify ‘Overly Broad’ Regulation for Crypto Token Sales

The crypto-darling SEC commissioner Hester Peirce is explaining delays in a regulatory toolset for token offerings as she mobilizes financial authorities to work on a deliberate approach to digital assets.