Latest ICO News

Though there is still not so much precise information about Telegram’s ICO and its Gram coin, experts are already making predictions about its fortune.

The platform that can be referred to as Wall Street on blockchain started a BANCA Token Trading Competition and offers amazing prizes like Porsche, Volvo and iPhone X.

Why Google, Facebook and Twitter Are Banning Cryptocurrency-Related Advertisements

Google, Facebook and Twitter ban on crypto-related news. Is this the harbinger of crypto era, or just yet another handicap crypto market has to deal with?

Following Facebook and Google, Twitter Plans to Ban Crypto-Related Ads in 2 Weeks

Increasing number of online media companies are now considering a ban on crypto ads sighting fraudulent activities.

After Succesful Pre-ICO, Gambling Platform Betrium Is Ready to Launch Main ICO

Though the gambling industry is quite a well-developed sphere, still there hasn’t been a strong betting service. Betrium is coming to change the game.

AI-Driven Blockchain Platform Eligma Wants to Change the Online Shopping Experience

Eligma becomes a personalized manager for a household: it can find the best deals on anything needed, helps to sell inventory at the best price and creates the universal loyalty program.

NOIA Network Makes Unused Bandwidth and Storage Work for You

Are you tired of extremely slow page loading? NOIA Network comes up with a solution. The completely new form of seamless content delivery network serves as an optimization layer for all internet while utilizing your idle resources.