Latest ICO News

The new cryptocurrency startup aims to change traditional mining by using one of the most environment-friendly and efficient source of energy.

HydroMiner Launches ICO  for the Eco-Friendly Bitcoin Mining Operations

Following an initial coin offering campaign, the company is going to expand its mining operations by acquiring additional hydropower facilities.

ATLANT Platform Outsources Real Estate Transactions to the Blockchain

ATLANT platform revolutionizes real estate market by tokenizing property units, eliminating entry barriers and expensive attorneys through blockchain techs.

This Blockchain Technology Will Disrupt the Crypto Industry in 2018

Blockchain technology seems to be taking the world by storm, but there are underlying issues that may threaten its future, namely, scalability and fees.

Jamie Foxx Promotes ICO for a Zero-Fee Cyptocurrency Exchange Cobinhood

Jamie Foxx joins the list of famous crypto enthusiasts, already containing Floyd Mayweather, Luis Suarez, and Paris Hilton, promoting an ICO for Cobinhood.

Changing the Auction Landscape Through Blockchain Technology

Bringing their successful team to the Blockchain world, DomRaider has created a real solution for auctions.