Latest ICO News

Increasing number of online media companies are now considering a ban on crypto ads sighting fraudulent activities.

Though the gambling industry is quite a well-developed sphere, still there hasn’t been a strong betting service. Betrium is coming to change the game.

Databroker DAO Announces Token Pre-Sale for IoT Sensor Data Marketplace

Databroker DAO aims to uncover previously inaccessible data, additionally allowing its users monetize it and recoup costs. Pre-ICO for IoT sensor data marketplace launch is scheduled on March 19th, 2018.

A Beginners Guide: Which ICO is Worth Investing?

Check out key aspects one necessarily needs to consider before pouring cash into an ICO.

Meet BITRUST: The World’s First Insurance Marketplace for Cryptocurrency Investors

With BITRUST, investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts that are new to the market will be able to hedge the risks associated with high market volatility.

Ambisafe Introduces Regulation Compliant Token Class for Ethereum Token Securities

With states and financial institutions turning their attention towards cryptocurrency and blockchain assets as a new asset class, regulatory concerns have now become of paramount importance to proliferating tokenized securities on the Ethereum blockchain.

Startup Friendz Turns to Blockchain Tech to Make Marketing More Efficient

Friendz, a fast-growing company, which works to connect brands with their target audience, has introduced a new digital marketing scenario, based on blockchain tech.