Latest ICO News

Despite blockchain-based solutions have revolutionized a number of spheres, none has been able to boast total security and anonymity until now. Meet ADAMANT, first of its kind messenger, which takes our privacy seriously.

With its blockchain solution, CryptoAds wants to build a transparent and secure ecosystem that will be beneficial both for consumers and publishers.

ThinkCoin Positioned for Blockchain-based Financial Services Makeover

ThinkCoin, the digital trading token that underpins the TradeConnect network, translates revolutionizing vision for trading believed to enable all parties enjoy equal rights.

The OSA DC: The Beginning of the End for Retail Industry Inefficiencies

Blockchain-based AI-driven marketplace OSA DC puts an end to the industry’s inefficiencies, providing integral solutions to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

‘HoweyCoin’: SEC Created a Fake ICO Website to Educate Investors

The SEC has adopted an innovate way to educate crypto investors that how a ‘so-real-yet-so-fake’ ICO scheme looks like!

Blackmoon, Nousplatform, ICONOMI and Melonport: Revolutionaries of Traditional Investment

The intensive development of the crypto economy opened up a wide set of options for new types of investments. The acquisition of cryptocurrencies and tokens of ICO projects have become a substantial alternative to traditional investment options.

How to Participate in CoinPulse’s 20 Million CPEX Token Giveaway

Being built on the foundation of community support, Coinpulse Exchange will be giving away 200 free CPEX Tokens to everyone who signs up on its new innovative crypto-currency exchange.