Latest ICO News

German FinTech company NAGA Group AG is working on a sophisticated robo-advisor called ‘CYBO’ that provides traders with crowd data indexing and market data.

Shining Light On an Honest Ticketing Industry with Blockchain

In the last couple of years, there has been a huge drive to apply the possibilities of blockchain technology to the many industries it could be used in.

Next Generation Blockchain-based Financial Platform Set to Launch ICO

A decentralized trading platform that will extend even past cryptocurrencies.

How to Make Money and Profit from ICOs

Investing in ICOs does not come without risks but it is important to understand these risks and don’t let them force you into overthinking.

Telcoin Allays Fears of Governments by Adopting Existing KYC/AML Procedures

The perceived reluctance by government and regulatory bodies towards cryptocurrencies is largely due to the relative anonymity that surrounds the entire crypto ecosystem among other reasons.

Chronobank’s Mikhail Savchenko to Join Caviar As Advisor

Caviar, a token which seeks to reduce investment volatility and promises higher returns by re-allocating funds between crypto and real estate markets, welcomes Mikhail Savchenko in its advisory board.