Latest ICO News

In this article, we’ll explore why Token Offering market’s fall isn’t necessarily a bad thing and why it’s actually necessary for the market to mature.

Recently a political action committee (PAC) BitPAC announced that they are going to conduct an initial coin offering (ICO) to support the candidates for public office. By donating, participants will receive Politicoins in return.

SEC Clears Blockchain Gaming Startup Pocketful of Quarters to Issue ‘Quarters’ Token

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has approved the first-ever Ethereum token sale from blockchain-based gaming startup Pocketful of Quarters (PoQ).

Crypto Exchange CoinFLEX to Launch Its First Initial Futures Offering for Polkadot’s DOT Tokens

This will be for the first time that any crypto platform is launching futures contracts for pre-launched assets. Each DOT token is available at $75 and can be purchased using CoinFLEX’s native FLEX tokens.

How to Run a Successful Security Token Offering in Compliance with New SEC Guidance

With this tremendous growth and the widespread availability of crypto technology, STOs may soon be a viable way for most companies to raise revenue. However, some aspects of the STO bear a bit of explaining beforehand.

For the First Time Ever SEC Approves Blockstack Token Sale Under Regulation A+

SEC, for the first time ever, approved a $28 million Reg A+ offering for decentralized Internet company Blockstack. The company will begin selling the SEC-approved tokens, essentially an investment vehicle for fundraising, as of today.

Nexo: We will Take the Gram ICO Token From Telegram as Collateral

Crypto loans firm Nexo said they will accept the Gram ICO token from Telegram as collateral allowing customers to use the tokens as backing for its instant credit lines and planned credit card.