Latest ICO News

The demand for renewable energy is soaring, but so too are the costs.

It’s become possible to get instant loans in live money using Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies as collateral while still possessing your funds with an eye to their future growth. Smart contracts make this process transparent for borrowers, lenders and other market participants.

The Road to the Four-Platform-Ecosystem Begins as EO Coin ICO Began

The trading ecosystem which combines both fiat and crypto investment has just launched the public presale. The private presale has already brought over $5 million – and the ExpertOption’s expectations for the new stage of ICO are high.

Hada DBank Concludes Its Pre-Sale, While Main Sale is Ready to Follow

Having successfully achieved its soft-cap target during the token pre-sale, Hada DBank is looking forward to the main sale, which starts on May 1, 2018.

Meet ShareRing: The One-Stop-Shop for Sharing Everything Powered by Blockchain Tech

ShareRing, first blockchain-based system designed for sharing things, aims to become the new Amazon within sharing economy leveraging its own KeazACCESS APIs algorithm.

IQB Project: The World’s First Live-Streaming Blockchain Airdrop Platform

The startup intends to provide the first-ever decentralized live-streaming platform IQB App, combining the benefits of both airdrop and blockchain technology.

Blockchain-Driven Trading Network Vows to Take on Big Banks

A new Blockchain trading platform is aiming to diminish the power and influence of major financial institutions by offering low commission fees and greater freedom for investors.