Latest ICO News

The ICO market is vast but tangled, and ICO agencies are an essential part of it. So now is the time to take a closer look at each agency’s work.

Here’s a look into how the dynamics of the ICO market is changing with an increasing failure rate among the ICO projects.

U.S. Judge Rules ICO Scam Case Falls under Securities Law

According to the recent ruling made by a US federal judge, criminal cases related to shady ICOs officially fall under securities laws.

Nearly 50% of ICOs Failed, Report Claims

While approximately one half of all the ICOs that took place failed, nearly 40% of them managed to raise over $1 million each.

Australian Financial Regulator Develops New Rules for ICOs and Cryptocurrency

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission views cryptocurrencies and crypto-related activities including ICOs as potential threats for traditional financial markets.

Monthly ICO Market Analysis [August 2018]

Please see our report presenting data on the ICO market trends of 2018. Special focus has been placed on the analysis of movements during August 2018.

Operation Cryptosweep is Currently Investigating Over 200 ICOs and Crypto Products

Since its inception in May 2018, Operation Cryptosweep investigates violations relating to securities fraud and investors misleading.