Latest ICO News

AI-based voice controlled assistant, progressive payment unit and support of the smart contracts create the effective solution for candidates and recruits to enjoy the lower costs and higher level of security.

Startup World Wi-Fi Already Raised $5M at the Pre-Sale to Develop a Free Decentralized Worldwide Wi-Fi Network

The new startup, focused on providing free Internet access across the globe, has reached a significant milestone, exceeding its soft cap target by 40%.

IPSX Platform Serves for Seamless IPs’ Sharing in Open and Censorship Free Environment

IPSX announced the time for fully decentralization, enabling users and actors from all sectors to securely and directly exchange content without sharing it with corporations or service providers.

NEO-Based Hotel Booking Platform is on its Way to Alpha, a Blockchain-based travel booking platform which hopes to utilize the power of a NEO system in order to alleviate costs for both holidaymakers and hotels, is well on its way to release its Alpha version after company’s pre-sale concluded.

MoonLite’s Advantage Promise Bigger Returns for Backers

MoonLite Project, an industrial scale crypto-mining operation using low cost and clean energy sources, seems to be successful and promises big returns for investors.

Telegram’s Native Token Gram Could be Worth $200B in 5 Years, Thinks Aaron Brown

Though there is still not so much precise information about Telegram’s ICO and its Gram coin, experts are already making predictions about its fortune.