Latest ICO News

Brand new real economy cryptocurrency Bitcoin creates a network of eco-friend and socially responsible companies that can help contributors build green future for the whole planet.

The first “Kosher” ecosystem named BitCoen has been launched in Israel. The first token sale has reached $2 500 000.

Crypto Bridge Network Launches TGE To Double Crypto ATMs Worldwide

The U.S.-based Crypto Bridge Network is attempted to build a worldwide network of ATMs as a bridge between fiat and crypto currency.

Businefy Teams Up with CoinStarter to Run Your Crypto Enterprise

Crowdfunding platform to gather the most promising ICOs and, once launched, help them run their projects on its own project management platform – Businefy.

Making Legal Cannabis More Transparent with Blockchain Technology

In the uncharted waters of legal cannabis, startup Budbo is using blockchain technology in its intention to make the industry safer.

Arizona Would Introduce Blockchain Law to Regulate ICOs in the State

While the world is discussing bans on crypto activity in some countries, Arizona is going to become a place for blockchain and crypto technologies.

Why Blockchain Technology is Good for Advertising?

Digital advertising market is growing rapidly, and Blockchain technologу can help with transparency and efficiency.