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Coinspeaker talked to the well-known publisher and founder of ICO Battle, Radu Balas, about the ICO marketing, his favorite blockchain projects and the future of the industry.

Being the driving force of currency markets, payments systems, and financial services revolution, blockchain has all the chances to disrupt manufacturing industry as well.

Aitheon Rolls Out 6 New Digibots to Simplify Business Processes on its Blockchain Platform

Aitheon introduces a pack of new digibots, virtual representations of AI-based robots that can perform a wide range of tasks to help small businesses automate their operations.

Weekly ICO Market Analysis [May 14-20, 2018]

Check out our report representing data on the ICO market movements in 2018. Strong focus has been placed on the analysis of alterations that have taken place in May 2018, in particular May 14-20, 2018.

The Future of Advertisement Intelligence Powered by Blockchain

Computer bots, lack of transparency and subsequent mounting losses of advertisers – all these digital advertising sphere is plagued with. Fortunately, blockchain is here to help.

Vernam to Offer Blockchain-Powered Insurance Services

Vernam is going to change the insurance industry offering the world’s first commission-free insurance service on blockchain.

ThinkCoin Positioned for Blockchain-based Financial Services Makeover

ThinkCoin, the digital trading token that underpins the TradeConnect network, translates revolutionizing vision for trading believed to enable all parties enjoy equal rights.