Latest ICO News

ThinkCoin, the digital trading token that underpins the TradeConnect network, translates revolutionizing vision for trading believed to enable all parties enjoy equal rights.

Blockchain-based AI-driven marketplace OSA DC puts an end to the industry’s inefficiencies, providing integral solutions to manufacturers, retailers, and consumers.

3 Fundraising Methods Disrupting the ICO Industry Today

ICOs were the first attempt at crowdfunding on the blockchain, but unforeseen problems have fueled the development of new fundraising solutions.

What Will Drive the Growth of the eSports Betting Market?

Rapidly growing eSports betting market seems to have even greater potential, which, owing to blockchain tech, could make it larger than the entire eSports industry.

DEEP AERO to Transform the Drone Industry With Its New Blockchain Platform

The startup aims to drive mass adoption of its blockchain-based drone technology that will eventually change the current urban transportation system.

Telegram Unveils Telegram Passport, the First Service for Its Future Telegram Open Network (TON)

Telegram introduces Telegram Passport – the first service of the future blockchain-based Telegram Open Network set to be launched by the beginning of summer 2018.

Global Freight Container Registry Blockshipping Announces May 14th Public Token Sale

Blockshipping, world’s first blockchain-based freight container registry allowing a wide range of transactions related to the handling of containers, announces ICO starting on May 14th.