Latest ICO News

Blue Whale Network, a new decentralized ecosystem for the self-employed, brings a new meaning to crypto ‘whales.’

BittWatt introduces smart energy management tools to enable green consumer optimize energy choices and embrace more new, clean technologies.

ICO Market Analysis [April 9-15, 2018]

Please see our report covering data on ICOs launched during 2017-2018, with special focus put on the period of April 9-15, 2018.

The Road to the Four-Platform-Ecosystem Begins as EO Coin ICO Began

The trading ecosystem which combines both fiat and crypto investment has just launched the public presale. The private presale has already brought over $5 million – and the ExpertOption’s expectations for the new stage of ICO are high.

Hada DBank Concludes Its Pre-Sale, While Main Sale is Ready to Follow

Having successfully achieved its soft-cap target during the token pre-sale, Hada DBank is looking forward to the main sale, which starts on May 1, 2018.

Meet ShareRing: The One-Stop-Shop for Sharing Everything Powered by Blockchain Tech

ShareRing, first blockchain-based system designed for sharing things, aims to become the new Amazon within sharing economy leveraging its own KeazACCESS APIs algorithm.

IQB Project: The World’s First Live-Streaming Blockchain Airdrop Platform

The startup intends to provide the first-ever decentralized live-streaming platform IQB App, combining the benefits of both airdrop and blockchain technology.