Latest ICO News

The report shares data on the ICO market movements over 2017-2018, whith special emphasis given to the analysis of the last week’s figures (April 16-22, 2018).

Introducing BINEX.TRADE: The People’s Exchange

Combining the benefits of decentralization and the power of its native BEX token, the exchange wants to change the sharing economics by delivering revenue to its shareholders from its daily trade income.

Blockchain-based Platform Smart Trip Builds Global Travellers Community

For those who like planning foreign trips on their own Smart Trip platform will be an ideal solution: it combines all travelers need in one place.

ICO Platform Zilla to Make Token Sales Understandable

Zilla is the first multi-lingual decentralized ICO platform that is set to eliminate difficulties currently faced by investors and projects during crowdsale campaigns.

Trading Tips: From Diamonds in the Rough, to Whales in the Fork

Check out three trading tips for those interested in crypto investing, and welcome Blue Whale Network, a new decentralized ecosystem for the self-employed,which brings a new meaning to crypto ‘whales.’

Bittwatt’s Smart Energy Grid Makes Renewable Energy More Cost Competitive

BittWatt introduces smart energy management tools to enable green consumer optimize energy choices and embrace more new, clean technologies.