Latest ICO News

CFTC tells investors that digital tokens promoted by businesses may either be categorized as securities, derivatives, and commodities, depending on how they are structured.

Satis Group prepared a report, in which it has shown that around 81% of the total number of initial coin offerings launched since 2017 have turned out to be scams.

Dacxi, the First Community Exchange, Sells Its Coin at a Bitcoin Exchange Rate of $10,000

The community exchange and crypto learning platform uses its ICO to fight the crypto market depression. The platform offers the incredible exchange rate for one week to make a powerful statement: Dacxi believes in the future of cryptocurrencies.

Thailand’s Regulatory Body Unveils ICO Regulations to be Implemented this Month

As a part of new regulations, ICO issuers will have to undergo a thorough screening by the SEC before being launched and open to retail investors.

PO8 Believes Blockchain Is a Perfect-case Solution for the Bahamian Marine Archaeology

A blockchain ecosystem tokenizes undersea exploration while reshaping the ownership of precious underwater artifacts with its new cryptocurrency coin.

Wemark Announced the First Stock Photography Marketplace Built on Blockchain

Being backed by the biggest players in the image industry, Wemark allows photographers to connect directly with buyers, regaining control, transparency and revenue from distributors and agencies.

Quarterly ICO Market Analysis [Q2 2018]

The report provides data on the ICO market movements over 2018, with special emphasis placed on the analysis of trends of the second quarter of 2018.