Latest ICO News

Aitheon introduces a pack of new digibots, virtual representations of AI-based robots that can perform a wide range of tasks to help small businesses automate their operations.

Check out our report representing data on the ICO market movements in 2018. Strong focus has been placed on the analysis of alterations that have taken place in May 2018, in particular May 14-20, 2018.

‘HoweyCoin’: SEC Created a Fake ICO Website to Educate Investors

The SEC has adopted an innovate way to educate crypto investors that how a ‘so-real-yet-so-fake’ ICO scheme looks like!

Blackmoon, Nousplatform, ICONOMI and Melonport: Revolutionaries of Traditional Investment

The intensive development of the crypto economy opened up a wide set of options for new types of investments. The acquisition of cryptocurrencies and tokens of ICO projects have become a substantial alternative to traditional investment options.

How to Participate in CoinPulse’s 20 Million CPEX Token Giveaway

Being built on the foundation of community support, Coinpulse Exchange will be giving away 200 free CPEX Tokens to everyone who signs up on its new innovative crypto-currency exchange.

Weekly ICO Market Analysis [May 7-13, 2018]

Please see our report presenting data on the ICO market of 2018, with special emphasis placed on the analysis of movements during May 7-13, 2018.

3 Fundraising Methods Disrupting the ICO Industry Today

ICOs were the first attempt at crowdfunding on the blockchain, but unforeseen problems have fueled the development of new fundraising solutions.