Latest STO News

NEO Global Development announced today that it will invest in and partner with Liquefy, to develop a NEO based security token ecosystem and allow asset owners to issue security tokens based on NEO.

Is Venture Capital in crypto still a thing? With the obvious benefits, what token offerings bring to the table for both subscribers to token offerings and token issuers?

Societe Generale Issues $112.12M Bond as OFH Security Token

For the first time ever, Societe Generale issued covered bonds in a form of security token on a public blockchain. This way the company wanted to experiment with business blockchain-based solutions and investigate efficient ways for bond issuance. 

Priority Token June Asian Tour

We are happy to invite you to the Priority Token June Asian Tour.

Blockstack Set to Raise $50M Via World’s First SEC-Approved Crypto Token Sale

Blockstack is likely to set a new precedence in the ICO Industry to be the first company to conduct its token sale under the SEC Regulation A+ framework.

Asset Providers Can Now Issue Security Tokens on Tron Blockchain

The partnership between Tron and Swarm will offer asset providers a possibility to issue security tokens on the Tron network.

US Legislators Aim to Exclude Digital Tokens From Securities Laws

Defining cryptocurrencies has been an ongoing difficulty in the industry as multiple branches within the United States have different ways to govern it. However, one ongoing debate is over whether certain tokens should be considered securities.