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LetMeCloud Review
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Most individuals return their investment amount within 7-8 months on LetMeCloud.

In this LetMeCloud review, you will read about cloud mining services offered by a worldwide-known hash provider from Great Britain. Let’s find out, is LetMeCloud scam or a legal provider, what they currently offer to investors, and what the actual profitability of their contracts is.

What Is LetMeCloud

LetMeCloud is a licensed cloud mining company founded in 2016 in London, England. Like any other certified hash provider, LetMeCloud owns industrial facilities with a big tech park of professional Bitcoin mining rigs. Data centers are located in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Canada. At the current moment, the company declares 99.98% uptime of its mining hardware. The head office is located in London. 25,000+ individuals from all around the globe currently earn cryptocurrency on LetMeCloud. Review more information on their official website.

Features for Investors

  • Automated daily payouts.
  • Credit cards are accepted.
  • Real-time mining statistics.
  • Current Bitcoin price charts.
  • Referral program with 20% lifetime rewards.
  • Different BTC contracts to choose from.
  • 24-hour online support.


Next on our LetMeCloud review, let’s see the main benefits of the company and its services. What is pretty obvious, unlike LetMeCloud, scam cloud mining websites won’t bring you all those opportunities for your passive income.

  • The minimal deposit amount is $250 only. Create your cryptocurrency business without huge investments.
  • Quick and simple start process. Sign up and start mining Bitcoin with a few clicks.
  • A range of methods and tools for deposits and payouts. As a trusted cloud mining provider, LetMeCloud accepts credit cards, not crypto wallets only.
  • Instant daily payouts. Get a profit from cloud hash contract day by day on LetMeCloud (review available withdrawal methods on their website)
  • No commitments. Exit cloud mining business at any moment on LetMeCloud (scam websites can impose particular obligations on users, at the same time).
  • High profitability. Depending on the chosen Bitcoin plan, yield rates start at 180%.

 Is LetMeCloud Scam or Trustworthy?

LetMeCloud Scam Websites
Works under the license of Great Britain Do not have any licenses
A certified cloud mining company Do not have certificates (or have fake ones)
Your personal and financial information is protected by SSL on LetMeCloud Scam websites do not guard but rather steal your information
Provides guaranteed 24-hour payouts Regular payouts are not guaranteed
To keep the cloud mining process safe, users are required to share real names on LetMeCloud Scam platforms do not care if you use real or fake information

As we can see, the question is whether the LetMeCloud scam or legit cloud mining platform makes no sense. With trusted companies, your funds are always safe. And in distinct to LetMeCloud, scam websites are the real danger for you and your money.


Before you read how to start mining cryptocurrency in the cloud on LetMeCloud, review the contracts the company offers customers at the current moment.

  • Standart. The starter contracts with 24 000 GH/s of hash power. The profitability starts at 180%. The profit from 1k – $1800. The contract duration is 12-months.
  • Start Bonus. The advanced contracts with 48 000 GH/s of hash power. The profitability starts at 180% +20%. The profit from 1k – $2160. The contract duration is 12-months.
  • FT Bonus. The high-profitable contracts with 96 000 GH/s of hash power. The profitability starts at 180% + 33%. The profit from 1k – $2394. The contract duration is 12-months.

To select the right kind of cloud mining contract, pay attention to its hash power and profitability. The Bitcoin plans with higher profitability mean the highest return from renting a hash.

Keep in mind you get a welcome bonus (a 33% extra hash power) when you register and create an account on LetMeCloud. Scam websites, for their part, may promise you all the world but in fact, you won’t get anything.

Is It Profitable?

Interested in the profitability of cloud mining on LetMeCloud? Review the numbers below.

Investment Amount Earnings Per Month Earnings at the end of the contract (1 year) Estimated Payback Time Rented Hash Rate
$1000 $199.5 $2394 7 months 30 660 GH/s
$2000 $399 $4788 7 months 61 321 GH/s
$5000 $997.5 $11970 7 months 153 302 GH/s
$10 000 $1995 $23940 7 months 306 604 GH/s

Remember that some additional factors affect the yield of Bitcoin mining in the cloud. For instance, you should consider the Bitcoin value since the price of the cryptocurrency can rise up at any given moment. All numbers mentioned are preliminary. Don’t forget to track the Bitcoin prices chart at the homepage of the LetMeCloud website.

How to Mine on LetMeCloud: Review the Process

So are you ready to join a global cryptocurrency investors community and start mining digital coins on LetMeCloud? Review the signing-up process in detail below.

  • Go to the LetMeCloud website and fill out the registration form for new members.
  • Confirm your email address using a link you will receive within a few seconds.
  • When registration is successfully done, select a payment tool to pay for a hash rate under preferred cloud mining contract.
  • Start mining cryptocurrency from any place right away when your deposit is enrolled in your account.
  • Track the statistics regularly to know you truly make a profit from a cloud mining contract.
  • If you face any issues during the earning process, contact your manager on LetMeCloud (scam websites, for their part, may not have a good customer support team).

How to Pay on LetMeCloud: Review Payments

Since you decided to purchase a Bitcoin cloud mining contract on LetMeCloud, review the currently available payment tools. The company offers three payment methods. You can pay for a contract with your credit card, BTC address, or partner crypto exchange on LetMeCloud. At the moment the company accepts all kinds of bank cards, including MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron, Maestro, and American Express. So you can purchase a hash power on their platform even if you have not registered a cryptocurrency wallet yet.


How much money do you need to start earning crypto coins on LetMeCloud?

While a classical model of hardware mining requires a significant amount you should invest in equipment, cloud hash mining is much easier and cheaper. You can join the crypto investors community on LetMeCloud by investing $250 only. It is a good chance for those customers who are new to the cryptocurrency business and Bitcoin mining.

What is the payback time of Bitcoin contracts on LetMeCloud?

Most individuals return their investment amount within 7-8 months on LetMeCloud. Scam websites will promise you a payback period in a couple of weeks but in fact, it is absolutely impossible in cloud mining. So with LetMeCloud, you know you deal with a trustworthy hash mining platform.

How to withdraw earnings?

To get mined coins to your credit card or BTC wallet, create a payout request in the ‘Withdrawal’ section. Note if you ask for withdrawal to Visa or MasterCard, payment will be made in the currency of your credit card (USD, euro, etc.) You also can ask for a withdrawal via IBAN transfer directly to your bank account. The payment will be made in the fiat currency of your bank account at the current Bitcoin exchange rate.

Does LetMeCloud mine themselves?

The underlying profits of LetMeCloud come from Bitcoin mining specifically. Like any Blockchain company, they own and maintain their mining rigs that bring Bitcoins to the company itself. At the same time, the provider shares a part of produced hash power with individuals who also want to earn cryptocurrency but have no ability to buy their own equipment. It’s a win-win.

What is a referral program?

Like many legit providers, LetMeCloud offers customers a referral program with lifetime referral rewards. Why is it a good idea to join a referral program on LetMeCloud? Review all the benefits on your personal account after the registration on the website. In short, every member who invites new customers gets a lifetime 20% reward from all their payments made on the LetMeCloud. Scam referral programs usually look pretty suspicious but in the case with a trusted platform such as LetMeCloud, everything is clear and safe.


With a leased-hash model, you have an opportunity to rent hash power from a company that runs powerful mining equipment and associated facilities. Bitcoin mining in the cloud really looks like the future of digital money, and it is a promising thing. With trusted certified hash providers like LetMeCloud, you have regular passive income in cryptocurrency. Profit depends on the investment amount and selected contract. We truly hope you will use our detailed LetMeCloud review to select a profitable Bitcoin miner to rent.

Note: This is an independent LetMeCloud review and it reflects the views of our edition only.

Disclaimer: Coinspeaker is not responsible for the trustworthiness of any content or product on this page. Though our goal is to provide you with the most valuable information that we could find, we recommend you conduct the necessary research on your own before taking any decisions related to the products presented in this article. This article can’t be considered as investment advice.

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